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Pivotal Points with Pamela Lynne

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Good morning, dear readers. I have the pleasure of welcoming Pamela Lynne as a first time visitor to More Agreeably Engaged. This stop is part of her blog tour for her second book, Sketching Character.  Pamela, I am so happy to have you visit with us today and tell us a little bit about yourself and your books. I loved reading about the pivotal points in both books! Awesome!


The people who know me well outside of JAFF will not be surprised with this next statement. I am a
non-finisher. Unmatched socks will always be left in the laundry basket. The sink will contain at least one dirty dish after the dishwasher is filled. I have a cabinet packed with partially completed craft projects and I fall asleep during movies. To put it simply, I bore easily.  Unsurprisingly, when I told my husband I had started writing again (I had not written fiction since college), he gave me a very dismissive, “that’s nice.”

You can’t blame the guy. He knows me well and no one is prouder than he that I have finished writing two novels in the past three years. He asked me recently what made this venture stick when several others failed to keep my attention. The simple answer is that I fell in love with the characters and they became so important to me that I had to finish their stories.

I can pinpoint the scenes in both books that gave me confidence that I would finish. Each come at a pivotal point in the character’s development. For Dearest Friends, it was this first conversation between Mary and Sebastian.

Sebastian returned to the drawing room less than an hour later and studied the scene in front of him. Richard and Bingley had returned from the carriage house and were attending the lovely Miss Bennet. Bingley poured more tea while Richard filled her plate and Anne scowled. Sitting apart from the rest was Mary, looking down into her folded hands. Sebastian bowed and offered a short greeting then walked over and sat next to her.

“Miss Mary, how are you?”

“I am well, my lord, just fatigued from traveling this morning.”

“Please forgive me for saying so, but you still seem a little out of sorts. I would offer to fetch a brandy for you, but I believe Georgiana has hidden the decanters.”

Her back stiffened as she sat up to her full height. “I would refuse it if offered. I know of no ladies who drink brandy, except medicinally, of course. Why would Miss Darcy hide the decanters? Is there cause to fear overindulgence?” She asked accusingly.

“Yes,” he answered plainly. “Except for Darcy, of course. He is perfect.”

She relaxed a little. “Then it is well he is marrying my sister. She is perfect, too.” They shared a tentative smile.

Those of you who have read Dearest Friends know why this would inspire my determination to finish. This was their beginning. It seems to be a theme with me, the beginning encouraging the end. We see much of the same with my inspirational scene from Sketching Character.

Elizabeth tied the ribbons of her bonnet beneath her chin as she walked down the stairs. She stepped quietly, hoping to avoid any of the household before she could walk off the stress of the night before. After she had managed to escape the house and gardens, Elizabeth inhaled the scent of earth and woods. To her, this was the smell of freedom. She could hide among the trees or run a race with the wind and no one would be the wiser—at least not until she came back with dirty petticoats.

She reached the line of the trees and was pleased to find a path soon after she ventured inside. She walked a little ways, attempting to empty her mind when she heard a thundering sound behind her. She barely had time to move to the side when a great horse, carrying a great figure, ran past her then stopped a few feet ahead.

“Miss Bennet, good morning.”

“Good morning, Mr. Darcy.”

It seemed for some moments this would be the extent of their conversation, as the gentleman sat on the magnificent steed and looked at her as if he expected something more. She was about to curtsy and be on her way when he dismounted.

“Do you often roam the woods so early in the morning, Miss Bennet?”

“I do at Longbourn. Today is my first opportunity to explore here at Rosings. I find the exercise to be helpful in clearing one’s mind before getting on with the arduous tasks of breakfast and embroidery.”

He smirked at her impertinence, the one that always left her wondering if he was offended, amused, or something else altogether. This man’s character was impossible to sketch, yet, she found his presence—and that smirk—oddly familiar, like an old friend.

He finally dismounted and walked toward her. “Did you leave the inhabitants of the parsonage in good health?”

Elizabeth’s irritation at the mention of the parsonage was evident. Darcy raised his eyebrow in question.

“I did not have the pleasure of seeing anyone this morning, but last evening they were all quite themselves.”

“I have the impression you do not believe that is a good thing.”

“You can be sure, Mr. Darcy, that I think Charlotte to be everything that is excellent and pleasant.”

She received another smirk in response to her omission. He would not let it pass.

“And Mr. Collins?”

Elizabeth sighed. If he would press the subject, then she would be honest. “I cannot comprehend, Mr. Darcy, why some people must hold themselves so high above others. It seems unfair that opportunity of education and growth, not to mention fortune of birth, can be bestowed on the ridiculous. That man will inherit all that my family has and he takes every opportunity to remind me of it. And there is, of course, the matter of my unfortunate nature that leads me to do such unseemly things as love my family or walk in these woods.”

Darcy searched her face for a moment. The fatigue he noticed in the carriage the morning of the accident had returned. He wanted to carry her somewhere, hold her close to him and demand that she rest. He chose instead to speak.

“What can I do, Miss Bennet? How may I help settle your mind this morning? Will you to speak to me more of your troubles?”

She gave him a soft smile then shook her head. “I thank you, Mr. Darcy, but for once in my life I am tired of words. If I were alone. . .” she paused, knowing she was about to divulge a secret that would undoubtedly shock the staid man at her side. “If I were alone I would run so fast the thoughts that plague me this morning could not catch me.”

The shocked expression she expected did not emerge. Instead, his features softened as the corners of his mouth lifted just a little.

“You would like me to leave you so that you may run through the woods by yourself.” It was a statement more than a question. He looked at her for a moment before he led his horse to a nearby tree and tied its reins to a branch. “I will not give you the isolation you seek, madam. The woods are too full of dangers, especially for one who does not know their secrets.”

Elizabeth knew she should be angry at his refusal, but she was too distracted by the sight of him removing his greatcoat and hat, which he carefully placed over the horse’s saddle. Her heart rate quickened and she had to remind herself that he had always acted like a perfect gentleman.

“You will not leave me?” The strength she intended to display failed to materialize as he returned to her side and without it, her voice seemed but a whisper.

“No, I will not.” He tilted his head and extended his hand. “I will run with you.”

After that, finishing was the only option. I hope you enjoy getting to know these characters as much as I did. Sketching Character is now available in ebook and paperback at Amazon. Please comment below for your chance to win one of two ebook copies. Thank you, Janet, for hosting me. Happy reading, everyone.


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Aren't those some fantastic scenes? I want to read more for sure! I can imagine the scene of them running together. I like this Darcy! Thanks again, Pamela Lynne, for stopping by and sharing with us today. I hope you will visit again soon. Best wishes with your new release.

Pamela is giving away two eBooks of Sketching Character and it is worldwide! Thank you so much. I know my readers appreciate your generosity. Leave a comment with your contact info, to be entered. The giveaway ends at 11:59 PM, 12 October, 2015. Good luck to all.


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    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I hope you like SC, too. Good luck!

  3. I loved both of those scenes. I am so glad that you shared them as your motivation. I will reread them with additional relish now that I know that they were the beginning that demanded continuation to the end of the stories.

    1. By the way, I have both books, please exempt me from the contest. :)

    2. I really can't think of any better motivation than Darcy and Sebastian! Thank you, Gail!

  4. Darcy running? Didn't think that would be possible. Loved Dearest Friends

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    1. He's a good one, this Darcy. He'd do anything for her. Thanks and good luck!

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  6. I really enjoyed Dearest Friends. Loved this scene. Looking forward to reading this book.

  7. I really enjoyed Dearest Friends. Loved this scene. Looking forward to reading this book.

  8. I am guilty of not finishing some things like crafts and some DIY tasks, but oddly I will finish a puzzle. ;)

    Those are beautiful scenes. I recall the one with Mary and Sebastian and it struck me powerfully, too. Loved Darcy's response there at the end. Ahhhh! Look forward to reading the whole story.

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    1. We always manage to lose pieces before we finish a puzzle. It's a non-finishing epidemic in the Lynne household, I tell you. Thanks Sophia. Good luck!

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    i love your writing style Pamela!

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    1. Thank you, Brenda. I'm pretty in love with it myself. Good luck.

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