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Proof of Love...Brenda J. Webb

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Good morning to all of my readers! You are in for a treat! I am thrilled to welcome Brenda J. Webb back to More Agreeably Engaged. Brenda last visited on June 11, 2014, with her release of Darcy and Elizabeth: A Most Unlikely Couple. To read our interview for that post, click here

It has been too long since you last visited, Brenda. We will have to make sure you stop by more often. You are welcome any time.

Brenda is sharing an excerpt with us and it is intriguing. I love Brenda's writing and this new book sounds like it will be excellent, too. There is also a generous giveaway! :)

Take it away, Brenda!


I am very excited to be visiting with my friend and fellow animal lover, Janet Taylor. When I thought about who I wanted to share my newest release with, you came to mind and you were gracious enough to work me into your schedule.

Proof of Love – A Pemberley Tale is a tale about a much younger Darcy and Lizzy than I have written before. In this book I wanted to show how they mature during the course of the story and I hope I accomplished that. Thank you for allowing me to share the cover, the blurb and an excerpt, and to give away a few copies to your lovely readers.


During his second year at Cambridge, a young Fitzwilliam Darcy accompanies a classmate to Lucas Lodge in Meryton for the holidays. Whilst there, he encounters a girl of sixteen who instantly captures his attention and soon after, his heart. Yet, because Elizabeth Bennet could never meet his relations’ expectations and he cannot abide her distasteful family, he returns to the university vowing to forget her.

Two years later, they are thrown into each other’s company and forced to spend several days together unchaperoned. Once they are discovered, Darcy suppresses his reservations about marriage to Elizabeth and does his duty in order to save her from ruin.

Will a young, headstrong and prejudiced Elizabeth realize how mistaken she has been about her husband’s character? Likewise, will a prideful, intractable but highly principled Fitzwilliam Darcy acknowledge his faults before their marriage is destroyed?

Excerpt from Chapter 6

Mr. Gardiner’s study
Before the wedding

Expecting Elizabeth, when Mr. Gardiner entered the study instead of his intended, William was taken aback.

“Mr. Darcy, since Lizzy is not ready yet, I have seized this opportunity to ask you about a matter of great importance. Last night I received a letter from my niece, Jane Bennet, and—”

“Has Elizabeth’s father taken a turn for the worse?”

“Quite the contrary! According to Jane, the new physician has been a godsend, working wonders with new medicines and procedures. She allows that her father is doing quite well, given the severity of his injury.”

As he watched William relax, Mr. Gardiner continued. “It is the physician who concerns me. Dr. Graham arrived in Meryton days ago, telling the family that he was sent from London to direct my brother’s care. Moreover, when asked who sent him, it seems he implied that I did.”

William looked uncomfortable. “Forgive me. That was my doing. I meant to tell you before now, but with plans for the wedding and meetings with my solicitor, I completely forgot.”

“That is understandable.”

“Dr. Graham is my personal physician, and it was I who asked him to manage Mr. Bennet’s care. It is my understanding that once Elizabeth’s father shows improvement, he will leave one of his associates in charge at Longbourn and return to London. Graham will, however, stay in touch with the assistant and continue to supervise every aspect of his recovery.”

“That cannot be inexpensive, so why was I given credit?”

“I do not want Elizabeth to learn of my part in it.”

“Why ever not? It might change her attitude towards you.”

William glanced away. “It is not gratitude that I seek from Elizabeth.”

“You wish her to feel love, not obligation.”

Embarrassed to be discussing something so personal, William merely nodded.

“I understand completely, but what if she learns of your intervention later?”

A pained smile crossed William’s face. “Perhaps by then she will have decided that marriage to me is not a horrible sentence, after all.”

Touched, Mr. Gardiner clamped a reassuring hand on the young man’s shoulder. “If it means anything, you must know that Madeline and I believe you are far and away the best man for Lizzy. She is not an average woman, and we feared she would never meet a man who would appreciate her uniqueness. My brother never had a son, you see, so he taught her everything he would have taught his heir about estate management. Moreover, he passed along his passion for reading a variety of books: histories, novels, plays and poetry, some in Italian and French. It has been my experience that most men, especially those of the ton, are intimidated by any woman who thinks for herself. They want a beauty with no brains for a wife, and whilst Lizzy is beautiful, it is her intelligence that sets her apart. Because of her intellect, she does not suffer fools easily.”

“We are alike in that.”

“However, I must warn you that Lizzy does possess one glaring fault.” William’s brows furrowed. “She leads with her heart. This means that at times she is apt to act before thinking—ergo, the need for your hasty marriage. She is still so young that I like to believe she will outgrow that flaw.”

At the anxious look on his soon-to-be nephew’s face, he added, “Just remember one thing, and you shall fare well. If a marriage is to succeed, both of you must work at it. Giving, as well as taking, is the key.”

That very second there was a knock on the door, and as it opened, Madeline Gardiner stuck in her head. “Elizabeth is here to speak with Mr. Darcy.”

“Give us just another minute, my dear.”

As the door closed again, Mr. Gardiner leaned in to whisper. “Jane warned me that her mother is still livid with Lizzy for rejecting Mr. Collins. She allows it might be best if her sister does not return to Longbourn until Fanny has calmed down. By the way, I did not inform either of Lizzy’s parents of your impending marriage. I believe that is your business.”

“I am relieved to know that Elizabeth’s father is doing well. I cannot leave for Pemberley until I finish some business in Town and that will likely be the end of this week. Perhaps by then Mr. Bennet will be on the mend, and Mrs. Bennet’s temper will have cooled.”

“I pray that is so. Now, let me leave you young people alone so you may talk.”

As Mr. Gardiner hurried from the room, he passed Elizabeth, who was right behind his wife. Giving her a fatherly smile, he patted her on the back before Mrs. Gardiner waved her into the study and closed the door.

Dressed in a simple blue satin gown trimmed with Chantilly lace at the bosom and the hem, Elizabeth looked stunning. A bonnet featuring a few white roses covered her dark hair. Moreover, the remedy her aunt had administered right before she came downstairs had calmed her persistent cough, so William saw no evidence that she was still sick. Unable to recall what he wished to say, he stared at her in amazement.

Self-conscious under his gaze, Elizabeth coloured and looked down. Seeing her discomfort, William came to his senses and hurried to explain.

“Elizabeth.” Her head came up. “I want you to know the wedding ring I chose for you was my mother’s favourite.”

Pulling a small velvet box from his pocket, he opened it to reveal a delicate, gold filigree band, featuring small diamonds and rubies set in a random pattern around the circumference. He was unwilling to burden her with the fact that this, a few more of his mother’s rings and a pearl necklace and matching earrings were the only jewellery not tendered as collateral against the new loan. “If it does not suit, you have only to tell me. There are several rings from which to choose, and you may discover you like another one better.”

“Mr. Darcy, I assure you this ring is perfect,” Elizabeth answered, giving him a fleeting smile.

“Is it not time to call me something less formal?” When Elizabeth did not reply, he ventured, “My mother called me William to distinguish between me and my cousin, Richard Fitzwilliam, who often stayed with us when I was a boy.”

“William,” she repeated just as a soft knock announced yet another interruption.

Mrs. Gardiner opened the door. “I hate to intrude, but the bishop is ready to proceed with the ceremony. Mr. Darcy, if you will accompany me, Edward will escort Elizabeth as soon as the music begins.”

As his wife walked back to the parlour with William on her heels, Edward Gardiner slipped into the study. Seeing the trepidation in Elizabeth’s face, he said, “I like your young man, Lizzy. Please give him a chance to win your heart.”

She smiled wanly. “What choice do I have, Uncle?”

“You have a much better choice than you realise, my dear.”


I can't wait to read this book. I simply adore stories where Darcy and Lizzy have an arranged or forced marriage. Proof of Love sounds so good, and I already feel strongly for Darcy! What a place you left us! That is quite the teaser, Brenda!  I wish you much success with your new new release. Thank you for visiting with me and my readers. It's an honor that you thought of stopping here.  By the way, your cover is lovely!

In the next few days, I hope to post my review of one of Brenda's other books, Darcy and Elizabeth: A Promise Kept. I love that book! If you haven't read it, I hope you will soon. I highly recommend it.

As Brenda mentioned above, we share a love of animals and both have several rescue dogs. Brenda was very supportive when I posted a couple of years ago about the special pair of rescues I was fostering, Duke and Duchess. They are still with me, no longer fosters but fully integrated into my family! 


Thank you, Brenda J. Webb, for the generous giveaway you are having for my readers. Brenda is giving away 2 eBooks internationally to those readers who can accept gift books. She is also giving away one signed paperback to readers in the US and Canada! That's awesome and we appreciate you giving everyone the opportunity to win and read your new release! The giveaway will end at 11:59 P.M. on the 3rd of July! Good luck to all of you! Please leave a comment to enter and don't forget your contact info, especially if you are new to my blog. 

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True Love Comes to Delaford...Virginia Kohl

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Happy Monday to everyone! Did you have a good weekend? Do you have lots planned for this week? I'm going to catch up on some things that need doing around my house and yard. Maybe 'catch up' is a bit strong and optimistic. I should be saying that I plan to make a dent on all that needs doing!

This morning I welcome a first time guest to More Agreeably Engaged and I couldn't be more pleased. Virginia Kohl is the author of the novel, True Love Comes to Delaford, which was released eight months ago today. Virginia is a decades long Regency enthusiast who loves Colonel Brandon. Good choice, Virginia. I think he is rather dreamy myself! :)

Congratulations on your debut novel and welcome. I've been looking forward to your visit!


My introduction to Jane Austen and the Regency era was through her first novel Sense and Sensibility. From the beginning, my favorite characters were Colonel Brandon and Elinor Dashwood. I loved the genuine respect and esteem they had for one another. It was easy to imagine this devoted friendship developing into a lasting love match. True Love Comes to Delaford is their story.

Book Excerpt:

Elinor asked a question she had been wondering about since the night of their first meeting.

“Your Christian name would not happen to be Lucas by any chance, would it?”

Upon hearing the name, his expression turned into a deep-set frown, and his eyes darkened with an unreadable emotion.

“No, it is not.”

Miss Dashwood was momentarily taken aback by his reaction.

“I apologize, Colonel. It is evident your disdain for the name equals, if not exceeds, my own. I did not mean for my inquiry to cause you any unease. A previous encounter with a despicable cad has caused me to be quite wary. I have vowed to never even form a passing acquaintance with a man of that name,” she explained in a whisper.

 “You have nothing to apologize for. On the contrary, I must ask for your forgiveness. My own association with the moniker has been unfavorable to say the least. The accompanying memories are not welcome ones.”

After shaking his head in a moment of quiet reflection, he looked up with a warm smile.

“To answer your question, it is Christopher. Although, nobody ever refers to me as such.”

She considered the name.

“That seems to suit you well—much better than Lucas.”

He replied with a small laugh, “I am quite pleased my Christian name is not Lucas. Especially, since it appears you would never talk to me again if it were.”

When the two stood to join the others, Elinor had to crane her neck, given their height difference. She playfully smiled up at him.

“That would be most inconvenient, because I would also have to swear to loathe you for all eternity.”

Their banter was interrupted as squawking could be heard coming from the hallway. The sound continued to increase in volume and suddenly a large, scarlet macaw flew into the room. The guests stared, as if transfixed by the creature.

“So Shiny! So Shiny!”

Elinor’s head was turned towards the door. With its sharp beak rapidly opening and closing, the creature was headed directly for her.

Knowing the parrot could not veer off its flight path during the rapid descent, Colonel Brandon quickly grabbed Miss Dashwood around the waist, pulling her towards himself. She instinctively hugged him the moment the bird came to a crashing halt behind her. Startled, she looked up, still in the soldier’s arms. Elinor had never embraced another man besides her father. Her cheeks flushed at the warmth and security she felt; the sensations were unexpected, yet not at all unwelcome.

If you enjoyed this excerpt, True Love Comes to Delaford is available in both Kindle and trade paperback.

Author Bio:

Virginia Kohl has been fascinated with the regency era since discovering Jane Austen’s works at the age of eleven. While others dreamt of Willoughby, it was Colonel Brandon who stole Virginia’s heart from the very beginning.

Originally from Germany, Virginia Kohl shares her Texas home with her illustrator mother and faithful rescue dog. When not passing her love of learning on to her students, this college math professor enjoys reading, writing, and being an active member of her local writer’s guild.

Virginia Kohl can be reached at her website and on Facebook.

Her debut novel can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.

The accompanying tea blend can be found by clicking here.  


It's been great having you visit, Ms. Kohl. By reading your bio, I find we have much in common. I live in Texas, have several rescue dogs, and taught high school college preparatory math for about thirteen years! I just don't write but I do draw! :)

The excerpt you shared has me hooked. I'm intrigued by Colonel Brandon and Elinor as a pair. Interesting, indeed. Then to have the scarlet macaw coming flying in directly at Elinor, well, I can't wait to know what is coming next! Thank you again, for stopping by and sharing with us. Best wishes with your debut book and Happy Eighth Month Anniversary!

Giveaway details J
Readers can post a comment to qualify for the drawing. One winner will receive a kindle copy of True Love Comes to Delaford (open to international readers). Giveaway will end at 11:59 PM on the 16th of June. Good luck to all. 

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And the winners are...

It's winner announcement time! Yay! I love giving the names of the winners of books. It is so much fun to be a winner and almost as much fun to announce them.

Congratulations to the winners of the eBooks by Nicole Clarkston and Maria Grace!

London Holiday
by Nicole Clarkston

eBook winner:  Pamela Hunter 

Netherfield: Rogue Dragon
by Maria Grace

eBook winner:  BeckyC 

Thank you to all the readers for stopping by and commenting and to the authors for visiting and writing books and guest posts to share with us.