Review Policy

After reading many of the Pride and Prejudice alternate paths, retellings, sequels and prequels, it was difficult to keep all the details separate. I had written a few reviews and intended to write many more but that is where it stopped, with my good intentions. Thanks to the 2013 Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge hosted by Laurel Ann Nattress at Austenprose, I determined to set up a blog to have a place to post my reviews. More Agreeably Engaged is the result and my good intentions are back on track.

My reviews will be based on my likes and dislikes but I will try to be fair and honest. Each reader has their own ideas of what a good book is or is not and what I do not like, someone else may love. If I do not care for a book or parts of a book, I will state my reasons in a kindly manner.

I will no longer be posting stars for my reviews on this blog. I will do so where I must, as on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads. My preference is to talk about the book, the writing style of the author and the things I like about the story. (as mentioned above) My personal feelings are that too much emphasis is placed on the rating rather than on the book and its contents. Too many times on public venues for reviews, people use that means to give few stars, make cruel and hurtful statements about the book and/or the author. I have even been made aware of a few times when someone purposely gave few stars to bring down a rating of a book. It is not my purpose nor is it my intention to be overly critical or cause discomfort to any author. I am not an expert in the field but I have read many books. I will simply state what appeals to me as a reader.

If anyone is interested in having their book reviewed on 'More Agreeably Engaged', please contact me at jbtaylor12(at)gmail(dot)com.

Books I prefer: JAFF, Regency romance, some paranormal and historical fiction.

I would be honored to host giveaways and author posts/interviews. Please contact me if you are interested.


  1. I enjoyed reading about the Most Civil Proposal. I am also enjoying reading your descriptions of the different books. I will be recommending that our library buy these books. Thanks, Janet.

  2. I'm glad that you are coming by and reading the reviews, Marti. This is something I had thought about doing for quite some time. When I signed up for a reading challenge that required reviews, I finally got the push to go ahead and just do it. Once I had settled on my title for the blog, the rest fell into place fairly easily! I'm still learning about some of the mechanics of blogging but it has been fun.

    I will be having several authors doing guest posts so check back often. I also have several reviews to post and will be doing more as I read. I know the authors will be thrilled to have their books in the library! That is great news!

    Thanks again for taking the time to comment here. To be entered for a chance to win The Most Civil Proposal, be sure and leave a comment there too.

  3. Hello. I was wondering if you might be interested in providing a review of my newest offering, the Wizard King. It is a fantasy Regency-style romance with a twist. It isn't so much the traditional romance; I like to write heroines that take their fate into their own hands. This particular story is about a sweet, sheltered girl who becomes the object of affection for what turns out to be an evil man. The consequences of such force her to face parts of herself she would much prefer to avoid. It is a story with magic in a slightly alternate world with regency-infused themes. I would be very grateful if you gave it a whirl. I will gladly send you either a hard-copy or an eBook, whichever most suits you. MirandaMayer(splat) Thank you.

    1. Hi Miranda. I replied to this via email! Thanks for you contacting me re your book.