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Then Comes Winter...Book on Tour!

Isn't this a fabulous idea and giveaway! Who wouldn't love to have a paperback anthology signed by every author in the book? I love it. For your chance to win the signed Then Comes Winter paperback, and it is an international giveaway, use the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of the page! A special thanks to Meryton Press and Christina Boyd for including me in this fun book tour! :)

This past November, "Then Comes Winter," a collection of winter themed short stories, embarked on a trip to visit the hometowns of the talented authors who contributed to its making. Along the way through three countries, the traveling copy of Then Comes Winter has been collecting autographs and souvenirs and visiting special places in each region.

The book's final stop is yet undetermined. Its wanderlust will end once a winner is chosen on February 14, 2016 through this rafflecopter drawing which will determine the lucky winner whose bookshelf will house the only paperback of the anthology signed by all the authors and the editor. Be a part of this unique journey and enter to be that final destination.

Are you the one lucky reader to win the "Then Comes Winter" paperback that is traveling the world to be signed by all twelve authors? Enter today to be the final stop on it's road trip. In the meantime, enjoy some of the photos from the roadtrip thus far. And follow along on it's final stops through the US.

Visit Then Comes Winter Road Trip - Meryton Press for a complete list of all the stops as they happen! (There are more pictures, too!)

This giveaway is open worldwide.

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My share in the conversation...The Unthinkable Triangle

It is a privilege to post my review of The Unthinkable Triangle by Joana Starnes. If you have not yet read this book, I hope you will take a few minutes to read over my thoughts and then read the book for yourself. I do not believe you will be disappointed.


The Unthinkable Triangle by Joana Starnes

Author Joana Starnes does it again! Her latest release joins the ranks of yet another most excellent book by this author. With the multitude of emotions that I experienced as I read The Unthinkable Triangle, in my mind, it rightly became ‘the unforgettable triangle’!

This novel is replete with descriptions and nuances that put me in the middle of the action and allowed me to experience it with the characters. Ms. Starnes’s imageries of scenes are awe-inspiring, partly due to her firsthand knowledge of the country and area where the scenes are set but mostly due to her creative and ingenious talent for writing compelling narratives. Her words come alive on the page.

The novel begins at Hunsford with Lizzy visiting Charlotte. Just when Darcy decides to propose to Elizabeth, the unthinkable happens and Colonel Fitzwilliam asks for her hand first. A shaken Darcy tries to come to grips with this unexpected situation, his loyalty to his cousin, and his feelings for Elizabeth. How can he be around them, see their happiness? How in the world is he going to pretend to be only a friend to the one woman he loves more than life itself? Such torture, such torment for the master of Pemberley! My heart ached with his.

I truly adored the way Ms. Starnes chose to have the Colonel discover, quite by accident, Darcy’s hidden feelings for Elizabeth. The subtle revealing, in the dark of the night was poignant and heartfelt. I was so moved that I almost gasped aloud when reading the passage. Inevitably, I had to go back and read through it again.

Owing to certain circumstances, Elizabeth is much thrown in company with Darcy. As she grows to know the ‘real’ man and realize her love for him, her feelings of turmoil and betrayal are strong. As she struggled, I struggled with her. What was she to do?

I enjoyed Charlotte and her thoughts in this story. What can she see that Lizzy cannot? What about Georgiana? Does she see through her brother's facade? With the inclusion of the Colonel’s parents and a not so nice brother, the drama deepens.  What role will they play in this unthinkable triangle? Then there is the addition of a well-developed new character and the triangle becomes even more complicated, or so it would seem.

This book elicited many emotions. I felt the joy of Colonel Fitzwilliam, then his confusion, frustration, and even his anger. I felt the deep love of Darcy and his anguish. (and he did agonize over his loss of Elizabeth and his devotion to the Colonel) Both men were good and even though I wanted Lizzy with Darcy, I didn’t want the Colonel to be hurt either. I had wondered and even worried how Ms. Starnes would ‘pull off’ the ‘happily ever after’ for Darcy and Elizabeth without too much trauma to the Colonel, but never fear, she did not disappoint! She handled it with her usual finesse. Well done, Joana Starnes. Exceptional writing and superb storyline! This is a book not to be missed!


Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my 'share in the conversation'. I hope you will have yours by leaving me a comment below. Author Joana Starnes is giving away one eBook of The Unthinkable Triangle to go along with this review and the giveaway is international. Be sure to leave me your contact info in your comment so I may get in touch with you should you be the winner! Thank you, Ms. Starnes, for your generosity to my readers. The giveaway will end at 11:59 PM on the 31st of January. Good luck to all.

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Villa Fortuna and Cat Gardiner

Available on Amazon
Cat Gardiner is my guest today and she is sharing an excerpt with us from her latest release, Villa Fortuna! She also has a pretty special prize package.  Be sure to leave a comment because you do not want to miss out on this one!

It is such a joy to have you back, Cat, and I appreciate the very generous giveaway that you have for my readers! I know they will too!  Ummm...I do like your choice for the "Darcy" hero!  :)

Thank you Janet for accepting my calling card at More Agreeably Engaged! I’m so happy to be here to share an excerpt from my newest novel, Villa Fortuna, with you and your followers. 

Having published VF in December, I’ve visited a few blogs and have enjoyed talking with readers about the Clemente sisters and the love of family, especially during the holidays. However, we haven’t met our “Darcy” hero – Dr. Michael Garin, yet, so I thought snippets from Chapter Two would be a proper introduction. 

When my hairdresser gave me the plot bunny in February 2015, I immediately knew who to cast. Villa Fortuna was written around my ideal for Mike:  British Model David Gandy. My BFF and I brainstormed to cast Stella Russo De Luca, VF’s “Lady Catherine” character. I think we hit the nail on the head casting the incomparable Shirley MacLaine as Mike’s grandmother. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into Mike’s world.

Excerpts from Chapter Two

Doctor Michael Garin of Manhattan Aesthetic Associates (MAA) was known among the affluent strata of New York City as the cosmetic surgeon for everything from simple Botox or Radiesse injections to laser fillers and surgery-free facelifts. Following in his father’s footsteps, he had built quite an esteemed reputation for himself in the advancement of body sculpting. So much so that the 4,106 friends of the “MAA Body Fan Club” on Facebook reverently referred to him as “Michelangelo.” It was an abhorrent nickname on a social networking site he privately despised but acknowledged with a cool ambivalence since its creation this past year by one of his obsessed patients.
       Bright blue eyes stared blankly at the sculpture on the 60th Street and Park Avenue mall beyond his office window. It was two in the afternoon and he was killing time between appointments. Actually, that’s a lie. He was gathering strength and nerve, awaiting his next patient’s arrival. She was a plastic addict, a Barbie Doll wanna-be, and he didn’t quite know how to proceed because she was also his best friend’s sister. Tenting his index fingers against his lips, he surveyed all his potential responses to her, banishing each one as they popped into his mind.
    But you were a C-cup three months ago. I won’t do it, not again. No, that wouldn’t be effective.
You know that catwoman person? Well, you’re headed in that direction and going to ruin my reputation in the process. I’m a dog person. That would be a mean, below-the-belt comment, though very tempting.
Blair, your lips will end up looking like your labia. No, that may be the look she’s going for. He’d already tailored those lips to her specifications. Come to think of it, he almost backed out of that surgery, too. He shuddered at the remembrance of her labiaplasty.
You’re beautiful enough. I refuse to make any more changes. No, she might take it as an invitation for dinner, or worse—sex. Surgical alteration of that area, with her under anesthesia, was the closest he’d ever go to laying his fingers to her flesh and, for the record and his own sensibilities, he had double gloved. Yet still, he was the one who had to live every day with the disturbing image burned onto his brain.
Mike shuddered again.
       Every scenario he played in his mind seemed to draw the same expected, repeated conclusion—her manicured fingers flirtatiously running down his white lab coat with a coo of “I just have to have your hands on me.” The recollection of her tug to his necktie, attempting to pull him onto her suddenly reclining form, made his flesh crawl and he resisted the compulsion to depress the antibacterial pump at the corner of his desk.
       This was always the hard part of what he did—denying a patient their right to pay for surgical enhancement. At times such as this, he wished himself to be a greedy man or, more importantly, an atheist. His religiosity and conscience battled with a career in which he spent his days altering God’s perfect creations with the slice of a scalpel all for vanity purposes.
“Doctor Garin, your grandmother is here to see you,” Gwen, his assistant, announced over the speakerphone.
He gazed up to the ceiling thinking that this day couldn’t get much worse. It seemed that finding his peaceful center before Blair Channing’s appointment was not to be had. “Thanks. You can send her in.”
He sat back in his chair, readying himself for the mini-tornado about to blow into his office.
In other Italian families, his grandmother would be referred to as his “nonna” maybe even “nonnina” because of her slight five-foot-two inches, but Stella was no sweet, lovable nonna. There was nothing remotely nonna-esque about the dictatorial, full-of-spit-and-vinegar redheaded hellion.
Stella Russo De Luca, his mother’s mother, burst into his sanctuary with her usual dramatic flair,
slamming the door against the wall and nearly toppling the bronze Rodin replica statue of two hands from its pedestal. She stood at the office threshold with nude-colored fingernails clutching slender hips, seemingly clawing the fabric of the white Oscar de la Renta suit she wore. Her short hair had been re-touched recently, as well as her Botox injection, which was obvious when perfectly arched eyebrows remained stationary as she employed her usual expressionless expression.
Once again, Mike wondered why she still allowed her salon aesthetician to inject her illegally when he could do it without the common side effect.
Having made her grand entrance, the haughty whirlwind nearly sucked the air from the room when, with chin raised, she spoke through puckered lips, “They’ve arrived!”
He sighed and rubbed a hand across his brow. “Who has arrived?”
“Those damned Clemente women! That’s who! The will has been read. How dare they stake claim to my ancestral home.”
“No, it is their ancestral home and has been for something like eight decades.”
“As my eldest grandson, it is also your building!”
His six-feet, two-inch tall frame walked around the desk, then affectionately kissed his diminutive grandmother’s cheek cautioning, “Calm yourself, or you’ll have a coronary.”
“I assure you, Michael, I will not be dropping dead before Villa Fortuna has been signed back over to a Russo heir.”
“I hope you’re right. Apart from the fact that I’d miss you, it’s a great building and a great location. Once I turn it into luxury condos, it’ll be the perfect investment. I’ve had my eye on it for some time.”
Stella took a seat facing his sleek steel desk, and removed a compact from her handbag, dabbing repugnant summer perspiration from her cheeks. “I have been engaged in this battle for Villa Fortuna for 20 years, and I am not going to give up the fight now that the witch is dead.” She closed the powder case with an abrupt snap. “I intend on ramping up my efforts.” …

She paused assessing her debonair grandson up and down—from his black, wavy hair, light stubble beard, to his size twelve Ferragamo shoes. “Of course, there is another way to reclaim ownership of the building.”
Familiar with that devious look of hers, he abruptly stood, heading back around to his desk chair, effectively putting space between them. “Oh, no… forget it. Don’t even think about it!”
“But why not, Michael? Marry, divorce, and then buy the puttana out of her share of Villa Fortuna. It is your duty to your famiglia.” …

 “Did you hear me, Michael? Do your duty. I don’t care which one you marry, just pick one, and be done with it. You’re almost thirty-four for Christ sake. It’s time you married and had children. Not a Clemente’s child, of course. It would pollute your gene pool and my father would roll over in his grave.”
He ran his hand through his hair. “That’s not going to happen. I won’t be dating any of these women as a means of laying my hands on a piece of real estate. As much as I desire the building, in the scheme of things it’s not all that important to me. It’s also unethical and deceitful and, like Joey, you know it goes against my grain.” …
“Doctor Garin, Ms. Channing is here for her two thirty appointment,” Gwen announced through the speakerphone.
“Thanks. Put her in exam room number three, and I’ll be there in five minutes.”
“But Doctor Garin, there’s no exam table in number three.”

Poor guy, huh?  He sure has his hands full. I hope you’ll consider Villa Fortuna for your TBR pile in 2016. You may have a few laughs. I know I did when writing it. Thank you for stopping by More Agreeably Engaged and reading! Please leave Janet and me a comment to be eligible for the last of Villa Fortuna’s Blog Tour giveaways.

For US Entry winner:  Because our Lizzy loves to bake and several scenes take place in Messina Bakery below the Clemente sisters’ apartment, this special prize pack includes a Villa Fortuna e-Book, an Andrea Bocelli DVD, sweets, and tools of Lizzy’s escape in the kitchen with a recipe!

For International Entry winner: A Villa Fortuna e-Book

Buona Fortuna! Good Luck!

Thank you again, Cat, for stopping by and sharing an excerpt from your book. Even though I may have 'blushed' a tad reading of those surgeries, I chuckled too! :) Villa Fortuna is definitely on my TBR list. I know there has been a lot of buzz about this book and that has to be exciting for you. I wish you the best with it and am anxious to learn more about what you have in the works for your next one. Please come back and visit again.

Readers, don't forget to leave a comment and your contact info to be entered. The giveaway will end on the 25th of January at 11:59 PM. Thanks for visiting and good luck to all!

If you haven't checked out the MAE Awards for Favorite Books of 2015, please do. Cat Gardiner's Denial of Conscience was a winner along with several other great reads by some fabulous authors.

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MAE Awards

Favorite Books of 2015

Hello, Dear Readers and Happy January to all of you! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and/or holiday season. Did you do anything special for New Year's? I spent mine with my granddaughter and grandson and we had a great time! Hope yours was as enjoyable.

For the very first time on More Agreeably Engaged, I am listing my favorite books for 2015! I'm so excited to share these with you and have made a special award seal just for the winning books and authors.  I hope you like it even if Colin Firth is not your Darcy of choice. Since my blog title and the drawing I use, depict the scene in the 1995 miniseries where Darcy speaks the line , "My mind was 'more agreeably engaged'", I felt it only fitting that my award seal should bear the same likeness. I do have a few favorite books that are not Austenesque and will list them according to their category but with the same award seal!

My reading time was less in 2015 than it has been in the past few years. I didn't read over 100 books like usual, but I still read quite a few. There are so many good books available now that it makes it difficult to narrow the favorites down to just a few. Of all I read, not one was mediocre or second-rate and I enjoyed each, keeping my mind 'most' agreeably engaged. Several had the same noteworthy premise, but followed completely different paths. I do not have reviews posted for all the winning books but will post links for the ones that I have reviewed.

In the next day or two, I will share with you some of the books on my very long, TBR list. I would love your thoughts on which ones you recommend! I even have a few audible books on the list as I do love those too!

Now, the Envelope, please!


Austenesque:  (12)

Favorite Variations:

The Unthinkable Triangle by Joana Starnes

Ms. Starnes, you have a magical, uncanny way of getting into the head of Fitzwilliam Darcy and exposing his innermost feelings. Your Colonel Fitzwilliam was charming and made this triangle heart-wrenching. I never doubted a happily ever after for Darcy and Elizabeth and truly appreciated your resolution of the dilemma. Well done, Joana Starnes!
(Review coming soon!)

Amazon     Goodreads

Sketching Character by Pamela Lynne

Ms. Lynne, this book is one I treasure. It gave me such a feeling of warmth and happiness as you skillfully tied up all the loose ends for each character. I was mesmerized from the beginning
to the end. Well done, Pamela Lynne.

Review     Amazon     Goodreads

Mr. Darcy to the Rescue by Victoria Kincaid

Ms. Kincaid, your Mr. Darcy was true to canon with his difficulty in expressing himself but your revealing of his inner voice with such wit was delightful! I found myself charmed and laughing at his clever reflections. Well done, Victoria Kincaid

Review     Amazon     Goodreads

Yours Forevermore, Darcy by KaraLynne Mackrory

Ms. Mackrory, having Mr. Darcy write his thoughts as a letter was brilliant. Not only did it give the reader a chance to 'know him better', it opened the door for those letters to be discovered! Delicious! Thank you for such a delightful novel. Well done, KaraLynne Mackrory.

Amazon     Goodreads

An Unwavering Trust by L.L. Diamond

I found the reason for the arranged marriage in this book to be very different and unique from any I have previously read. Ms. Diamond, your skillful writing made it seem plausible and I loved it. I adored Darcy's Grandmamma and am eager to read her story, The Earl's Conquest,
the prequel to this one! Well done, L.L. Diamond!

Amazon     Goodreads

Favorite Alternate Path:

A Peculiar Connection by Jan Hahn

Ms. Hahn, this book is one of my all time favorites. You took a challenging plot and made it real and poignant. I could not stop reading. You have a talent for bringing out the raw emotions of the characters with such depth of feeling that your storytelling is unsurpassed. Well done, Jan Hahn.

Amazon     Goodreads
Favorite Anthology:

One Love - Two Hearts -  Three Stories by J Dawn King

Ms. King, I simply adore the title of your anthology and the three stories included in it! Thank you for sharing, in print, your love for Pride and Prejudice with your readers. I enjoy your work.
Well done, J. Dawn King!

Review     Amazon     Goodreads
Favorite Mystery:

The Prosecution of Mr. Dary's Cousin by Regina Jeffers

Ms. Jeffers, I love all of your books and cozy mysteries. Your writing skills are awesome. Not only do you write a good mystery, your historical accounts are excellent and give credence to your plot. In this mystery you tackled a true-to-life problem with finesse and realism.  I loved seeing Darcy and Elizabeth work together to solve the puzzle involving Colonel Fitzwilliam. Well done, Regina Jeffers.

Amazon     Goodreads
Favorite Contemporary:

Denial of Conscience by Cat Gardiner

Ms. Gardiner, this novel intrigued me from my first knowledge of it. I could see a modern day Darcy as you portrayed him - a precision machine when it came to his profession but vulnerable, as a man. He and the Obsidian team were fabulous as was this fast paced book! It was an unusual premise for our couple but you brought it together perfectly! Well done, Cat Gardiner.

Review     Amazon     Goodreads

 Favorite Minor Character:

Colonel Fitzwilliam and The Countess of Sainte Toulours by Stanley Michael Hurd

I was so excited to read this book by you, Mr. Hurd. It was everything and more than I expected. Your Colonel Fitzwilliam was wonderful and lovable and his tale was exceptional. Your writing skills are superb and you have captured the essence and style of Jane Austen. (I loved Esparza and wouldn't mind a story about him!) Well done, Stanley Michael Hurd.

Review     Amazon     Goodreads

Favorite Christmas Novella:

Darcy's Christmas Wish by Penelope Swan

I loved getting to meet a young Fitzwilliam Darcy visiting Rosings with his parents. After an accident he makes a wish that is the premise of this heartwarming story. This is a perfect read
for the holidays or anytime. Well done, Penelope Swan.

Amazon     Goodreads

Favorite Debut Author/Book:

Suddenly Mrs. Darcy by Jenetta James

The novel involves a compromise of Elizabeth by none other than Mr. Darcy. Of course, it was a misunderstanding, but Darcy didn't mind at all. The story was captivating
and I look forward to more from this author. Well done, Jenetta James.

Amazon     Goodreads

Audiobooks:  (3)

This category is for audible books and I am going to do it a bit different than the category for regular books. Although my first choice was actually published in mid-2014, I was unaware of it as an audible until 2015. I actually thought it was a 2015 release so decided to go ahead and include it in the winning category. I hope you will forgive me this one indulgence. 

When I draw pictures, it is a perfect time to listen to audible books. I cannot easily watch TV and draw at the same time so I have found this new venue to be perfect for me. I have had the privilege of listening to many good books while working on my art. It makes for a delightful way to spend my time doing two things that I love, drawing and reading.
Most of the books that I have heard, were actually published in years past.
I plan to review some of them on my blog throughout 2016.

Favorite Audiobook Paranormal:

The Gypsy Blessing by Wendi Sotis, narrated by Veronica Leckie

I loved this audible and found the premise engaging. The connection between the gypsy, Elizabeth and the drawings was fascinating and kept me anticipating the outcome. I like your writing style, Ms. Sotis. I will be listening to this one again. The narrator did a fine job, too. Well done, Wendi Sotis.

Amazon     Goodreads

Favorite Audiobook Novella:

Snow Storms and Kissing Games by Sarah Johnson, narrated by Sophie Andrews

The recitation by Miss Sophie Andrews of Sarah Johnson's fun novella made for an exceptional listening experience. I have already listened to it twice and know I will be doing so again. The snow storm set the stage for an interesting set of events and Sophie's voice made the story come alive.
Good writing and good narration! Well done, ladies.

Amazon     Goodreads

Favorite Audiobook Christmas Story:

The Mission: He Taught Me to Hope Christmas Vignette by P. O. Dixon, narrated by Pearl Hewitt

Book One in this series is one of my very favorite books by Ms. Dixon. Young Ben is adorable and Darcy is awesome. The interaction of the two was moving and showed a different side of Darcy. This Christmas vignette was a wonderful way to continue the story of Book One. Now I cannot wait to read the third book. Well done, P. O. Dixon.

Amazon     Goodreads

Non-Austenesque:  (4)

The last section is for books that are not based on Pride and Prejudice.  If you have not had a chance to read any of these, I highly recommend them.

Favorite Children's Book:

Brighty's Special Gift by Dee Wallain

This was such a sweet parable with a good lesson about bullying. It is good for children of all ages. It has many features that aid the parent in making the reading time more enjoyable
and helpful for the children. Well done, Dee Wallain.

Review     Amazon     Goodreads

Favorite North & South Variation:

No Such Thing as Luck by Nicole Clarkston

Ms. Clarkston, I loved this book! I have been searching for and reading anything I could find of North and South variations or re-tellings. I have read several that were good but yours touched my heart. You did the characters justice and the story was superb. I hope you will be writing another. 
Well done, Nicole Clarkston.
(Review coming soon)

Amazon     Goodreads

Favorite Regency Era:

Poldark: Ross Poldark by Winston Graham

Reading this book and viewing the television miniseries was awesome. I loved the miniseries, but found the book to be even better. It didn't hurt having a visual of Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark
as I read either! I cannot wait for the return of the series and reading the rest
of the books that continue this magnificent story.

Review     Amazon     Goodreads

Favorite Paranormal:

Days of Future Past by Sally Smith O'Rourke

Ms. O'Rourke, thank you for the privilege or reading this book before it was published and then the edited version after its release. I found your premise both thought-provoking and entertaining.
Your writing captured my imagination, as usual, and I was mesmerized.
Well done, Sally Smith O'Rourke.

Review     Amazon     Goodreads

Honorable Mention:  (7)   

Mr. Darcy's Rival by Kara Louise       

As always, your books are wonderful, Kara Louise, this one included! It did not disappoint. I found the rival intriguing and Anne's talent at writing gratifying. I liked her.
Thank you for continuing to share your special talent of writing. 
Well done, Kara Louise.

Amazon     Goodreads

The Darcy Brother's by Monica Fairview, Maria Grace, Cassandra Grafton, Susan Mason-Milks, and Abigail Reynolds

What a fun collaborative effort by five fabulous authors. It was delightful to see the relationship between Darcy and his brother, Theo, and witness their reconciliation. I love Theo Darcy! 
Enough said! Well done, ladies.

Review     Amazon     Goodreads

Darcy's Ultimatum by Jennifer Joy

Jennifer, this was such a great debut novel for you. You definitely are following in your mother's footsteps. I love your writing and cannot wait to read more of your work. Well done, Jennifer Joy.

Amazon     Goodreads

The Persuasion of Miss Jane Austen by Shannon Winslow

The parallel between Jane Austen's 'possible' life and her novel Persuasion made for a fascinating and plausible read. This story of a different outcome for dear Jane was inspiring
and thought provoking! Well done, Shannon Winslow.

Review     Amazon     Goodreads

Inspired by Grace by Jeanna Ellsworth

Jeanna, your debut into Regency romance was truly inspired. I loved your book and your cover. You are a gifted writer with an ability to subtly deliver a message. Well done, Jeanna Ellsworth.

Amazon     Goodreads

A Sense of Obligation by Rose Fairbanks

Rose, this book took a turn that I was not expecting but readily enjoyed. It was well-written and the premise had a pleasant change. I loved your Mr. Darcy and could hardly wait for him to discover
the truth of the matter. Well done, Rose Fairbanks.

Amazon     Goodreads

Pride and Proposals by Victoria Kincaid

Ms. Kincaid, you wrote a great love triangle in this novel. It was difficult at times to see Darcy suffer but I felt confident that he would have his happily ever after. I like your style of writing
and the diverse approach to the theme of your stories. Well done, Victoria Kincaid.

Amazon     Goodreads

I would love to hear your thoughts on any of these books. Have you read many of them? If not, I highly recommend each and every one. Do you have suggestions you would like to share?
If so, I would love to hear them.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing my favorites with me. It has been nice to tell you a bit about my choices. It was difficult narrowing my list down to these few as I did enjoy all that I read. I will be posting reviews for a few of the winning novels within the next few days as well as posting my list of books to be read in 2016. As I already mentioned, it is a rather lengthy list
so I best get busy reading and/or listening! :)

Happy New Year and I look forward, with pleasure, to our time shared in 2016 as we are
'more agreeably engaged' with the joys of extensive reading!