Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2014 Calendar...Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth

2014 Calendar
Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth

If you would like to order a calendar, I can invoice you through PayPal for your payment or you can order at JT Originals

International post will be around $12.75. Contact me for more info.
The price of the calendar is $10. 

You may contact me via email, jbtaylor12(at)gmail(dot)com, if you are interested but it is available now on my website,JT Originals.

The calendar has some added features this year that I hope everyone will find to their satisfaction.
It is available for shipment.

The drawings are my artistic interpretations of scenes from the 1995 BBC miniseries
and the 2005 movie of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
These are done as a tribute to her, her book, the movies, the actors and all involved
with the productions that have inspired so many!

Below is my ad that is appearing in the Sept/Oct issue
of 'The Jane Austen Regency World' Magazine. 
I haven't received my issue yet but am anxious to see it!

The calendar and my other merchandise will also be mentioned in their Nov/Dec issue.
Be sure and look for them.

Any of the drawings from the 2014 calendar as well as the 2013 calendar can be put on mugs, mouse pads, mirrored compacts, tiles and note cards. The mugs and the note cards will also have a PnP quote.

'Christmas Kiss'
Christmas card - 5x7
card front and inside shown
card back will have more of the Pride & Prejudice quote that is on the front


  1. Looks great, Janet! I'm looking forward to the final product - Congrats on a lovely calendar!

  2. Squee! How lovely, Janet! I can't wait to get another calendar! I'm very much enjoying another Darcy image this month!!

  3. Thank you, Tess and Meredith! Meredith, the Darcy image for this month is one of my favorites scenes. Sigh!

    I will be glad when it is in print and ready to go! Soon!!!

  4. These are so lovely. I want! The Christmas Card is a nice touch.

    1. The quote is from Lizzy's letter to her Aunt Gardiner and it fit perfect!

  5. Beautiful, Janet! Looking forward to seeing it in person!

  6. I've been lucky enough to see this calendar, and it's every bit as good as last year's or better. It includes lovely illustrations of the Matthew MacFadyen P&P for those who like that movie. And the final drawing Janet is working on now? Believe me, I don't think you will be disappointed! Great work, Janet!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Jan. Thanks for all your help in checking my spelling, the holidays and such! It is invaluable.

  7. I love the calendar, they look lovely. I will have to get one of them, that's for sure.


    1. Thanks, Liz. Glad you stopped by to see it! :)

  8. The calendar is gorgeous, Janet. I am enjoying last year's still, but I can't wait for this to on the wall in its place!

    I've seen the ad in the latest JARW magazine and it looks good!

    1. Thanks, Cassandra. I'm glad that you like the new calendar and are enjoying this year's calendar. I was very pleased with the ad in the JARW magazine. Look for it and the Christmas list in the Nov/Dec issue too.

  9. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us, Janet! The calendar is stunning!