Wednesday, September 25, 2013

And the winner is...


Anonymous (Leeza) who left a comment on September 17
arjanne who left a comment on September 18

You are the winners!

The Red Chrysanthemum
by Linda Beutler

Please email me as soon as possible so we can get the book to you! Thanks for commenting and congratulations on winning!

Jakki Leatherberry at Leatherbound Reviews is hosting a 
blog tour in November for
 Linda Beutler and The Red Chrysanthemum.

Be sure and watch for it! It will be awesome!


  1. Congrats Leeze and Arjane! Happy Reading!

  2. Any way we can get an autographed bookplate to the winner who opted for the print copy? I'd be glad to send one along!
    Regards and Faithfully,
    Linda B

    1. I bet that can be arranged. As soon as I hear from both, I will get back to you! Thanks, Linda, for your offer. I know that would be very much appreciated!