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And the winner is...

Coco Ihle

Congratulations! You are the winner of the eBook,
A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary
by Donna Fletcher Crow

Please contact me as soon as possible
so that we may send your eBook to you! 

Thank you for visiting my blog
and congratulations again on winning. 

Donna Fletcher Crow, it was great having you back for a visit. I look forward to the next time you stop by. Keep me up to date
on what new books you are writing!

Happy Halloween to all! :)

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A Different Kind of Halloween...Donna F. Crow

Available on Amazon
Do you want a Halloween Treat? Well, I have a good one for you today. Donna Fletcher Crow shares a taunting post and some excerpts from her book, A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary. Ms. Crow tells us a bit about her heroine and sets the stage for the spooky events that follow! If you like mystery, you will love this one! 

Welcome back to More Agreeably Engaged, Ms. Crow.  The first time that you visited was April 23, 2013, when you were here to tell us about A Jane Austen Encounter. By the way, I loved that book and if any of you have not read it, I highly recommend it! Okay, back to the present, it is so good to have you here again and to read about this fascinating murder mystery. It definitely has me in the mood for Halloween! :) 


A Different Kind of Halloween

A black-draped casket flanked by orange candles, clouds of earthy-scented smoke, black-robed priests chanting in a minor key. The latest Dracula movie? An occult ritual? A creative Halloween spook house?

No, this scene from A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary, the latest in my series The Monastery Murders, is a modern day service for All Souls’ Day in a thoroughly orthodox church in Oxford, England.

My heroine Felicity Howard, a young American woman who is studying theology in a monastery in England, has gone to Oxford to translate an ancient document in a convent. That should be a harmless enough venture, but Felicity just can’t seem to avoid danger. It’s hardly Felicity’s fault, though, that severed body parts start showing up in ancient holy reliquaries. Or that Felicity and one of the nuns is assaulted.

Then Antony, Felicity’s Church History lecturer and fiancé, arrives in Oxford with a group of students and Felicity experiences a Halloween like she has never known before—first with the police and then in the emergency room getting her head bandaged. Late that night she realizes it is Halloween and recalls her childhood trick-or-treating with her brothers.

But there’s nothing so light-hearted for Felicity this year. The next day she and Antony go to an All Saints’ service where Antony preaches the homily:

“Here, in these days dedicated to All Saints and to All Souls we have time set aside for remembering the dead, and contemplating our own deaths. We are given time to deal with the reality of death—our own, as well as the death of others. In these days we are to bring death and the dead into the light; to mourn, but not to despair; even more to celebrate what needs to be celebrated. Most of all we are to see life as a gift and death as a new beginning.” 

Nice words, but Felicity is mourning too many losses to be comforted. And then the next day’s All Souls’ observance turns even more somber. Earlier in the day Felicity had climbed the bell tower to help muffle the bells (a scene I based somewhat on my own daughter’s muffling bells for All Souls’ when a student at Oxford). Later in the evening a depressed Felicity listens to the tolling of the muffled bells:

And then the tolling stopped. Felicity shivered and entered the church, drawn forward by the minor key of the organ prelude that so suited her mood. She slipped into an empty seat, choosing not to sit with her friends. She would experience this on her own. A service for the Dead—for all who had died, for all who would die. As she would some day.

On the altar ochre-colored unbleached beeswax candles stood in dark wooden candlesticks on a black altar cloth. Was this the source of the tradition of decorating in orange and black for Halloween, Felicity wondered.

But a far more stunning symbol stood in the center of the aisle before the altar rail. A catafalque draped with a black pall and flanked with six massive candlesticks bearing again the unbleached, dull orange candles. She knew the coffin was empty. Still, the imagery of death was overpowering, increasing the weight on her spirit.

The clergy entered robed in black vestments, and the introit began, “Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord… Unto thee shall all flesh come…” The earthy scent of the incense added to the sense of solemnity and mystery. Felicity could almost see the souls of the departed ascending as the wisps of smoke floated upward as to heaven.

Then the organ began the urgent, driving rhythm of the  Dies Irae. At first the melody was everything, then the vigor and intensity of the choir penetrated Felicity’s consciousness and she found herself translating the Latin text as they sang: Day of wrath, day of anger… the world dissolves in ashes… Sound of the trumpet summoning souls before the throne of God… All creation arise again. The sequence left her feeling weak, yet strangely invigorated with its picture of violent horror ending in triumph.

Then the priest changed his chasuble for a flowing black cope and processed to the catafalque, to stand at the foot of the bier. “The sorrow of death compassed me.”

A prayer for mercy and forgiveness followed. Then, while the cantor chanted, “Libera me, Domine…” The black-vested priest moved around the catafalque, sprinkling it with holy water. “Deliver me O Lord, from death eternal, in that day tremendous when the earth must pass away…”

The priest completed his circuit, then took up the thurible and began another round, incensing the casket. “Deliver me when thou shalt come to judge the world… Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy.” 

Still in the grip of the experience, Felicity remained in her seat as the candles were extinguished and the congregation moved toward the door. Then, from the tower over her head, as if from heaven, the peal began. Focusing on the muffled bells, she went out into the darkness of the night.


Not the All Hallows’ Eve most of us are likely to experience, but an appropriate prelude to the killing to follow— after all, the book is a murder mystery. Who will be the next victim of the murderer stalking the shadows of Oxford’s hallowed shrines?

 A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary is a gripping contemporary suspense story set against the background of Oxford’s rich history. Could the Medieval Latin document Felicity is translating for the good sisters at the Convent of the Incarnation have anything to do with the repeated attacks?  The latest in Donna Fletcher Crow’s popular Monastery Murders series. Follow Donna on Facebook.


Donna Fletcher Crow


You do have a way with murder mysteries, I must say, Donna Fletcher Crow! I love your writing as it is always obvious that you have done your research and have spent time in the surroundings of your story. You have that first-hand knowledge that is evident in your descriptions. (decided I should not say 'writing' when speaking of first-hand knowledge since this a murder mystery! lol)  Thank you, Donna, for being my guest again. It is a pleasure! (I would love to know where your picture was taken. I like the Celtic cross in the picture with you.)

There is a giveaway and it is international. One eBook of A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary, is up the treat, and not a trick, for one lucky reader. Please leave a comment and your contact info to be entered. The giveaway ends at 11:59 PM the 30th of October, just in time for a spooky Halloween! Good luck to all!

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And the winners are...

I had two posts that ended on the 23rd of October so will post their winners together, starting with the most recent!

The winner of the set - 
Mr. Darcy - Bitten and Mr. Darcy Bites Back


The winner of - Angel of the Centerfold

Paperback:  LifewithRUFUS

Congratulations to the winners! 

Thank you to the authors,
Mary Lydon Simonsen and Michaela Robertson.
It was a pleasure having you both visit
and I hope to have you come back again soon. 

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Jane Austen Illustrated...2016 Peacock Edition 12 Month Calendar

It is time to be getting that new calendar for 2016 and I have one ready for you!
My yearly Jane Austen calendar is finished and has been picked up from the printer!
It is now available for immediate shipping!

This year, JT Originals will be donating 10% of all proceeds from the calendar to the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation, founded by Caroline Jane Knight, fifth great niece of Jane Austen. It is a wonderful privilege to be a part of this worthy endeavor and I encourage more people to join in the support of bringing free literacy resources to communities in need. For every calendar sold, one dollar will go to the foundation 'In Honour of Jane'! If you would like more information about this non-profit foundation, click on the link above and you will be taken directly to their website.

This year's theme is Jane Austen Illustrated: 2016 Peacock Edition Calendar. It features some of the illustrations by Hugh Thomson
and one by C. E. Brock.
Inside the calendar I have also included a mention of Chris Hammond
and one of her drawings. 

Although these early illustrators did work for other authors, for the purpose of this calendar, my concern was only those books by Jane Austen.
The 1894 Peacock Edition
of Pride and Prejudice,
illustrated by Hugh Thomsom, seems to be the most popular one of all
and has been a favorite of mine
for quite some time.


There were several reasons for choosing this theme. The main two are simple, I love peacocks and
I love Jane Austen. That explains my fascination with the 1894 Peacock Edition of Pride and Prejudice. Being a person that enjoys drawing, I was 'drawn' to the illustrations. It is fascinating to see how an artist depicted the scenes from the book as I have depicted them from the movies. 

The gold print on the cover was stunning and added to the appeal. Since peacock feathers can take on many different colors depending on how the light hits them, I took many, many photos to get that special one that gave the feathers the golden cast that I was striving to capture. 

Since I have an abundance of feathers in my yard, it was easy to find some beautiful ones to use for the picture which would become the cover. There are five adult male peacocks that are daily visitors to my home. Many times they spend the day on my deck railing or resting in front of my glass door. In mid to late summer, they start losing their tail feathers, just to begin growing a new bunch for the next spring of preening and prancing for the pretty peahens.
They spread, shake and quake those glorious tail feathers while they strut their stuff!
I never tire of watching them and admiring their magnificence. (or finding their feathers)

I had planned to do drawings for the calendar this year but was unable to get them done in time.
I was trying to decide what I could do for the 2016 calendar instead! One evening as I was picking up some feathers, the idea struck...put my two passions together into a calendar
and pay tribute to the early illustrators too!
Jane Austen Illustrated: The 2016 Peacock Edition 12 Month Calendar is now a reality.

The calendar has the holidays for the US, UK and Canada. All major Jane Austen events in both the US and UK are included on their respective dates.

There are many lovely pictures of books by known authors in the Jane Austen community. There are also intriguing quotes from some of their books throughout the calendar. I have read a great number of these books and found myself wanting to read them again as I typed in the quotes. For those I have not yet read, they are now on my wish list.
Going through and enjoying the quotes was a treat itself.

Included Authors:

Amy Cecil                                            Brenda J. Webb                                               
Cat Gardiner                                         Diana Oaks                                         
J Dawn King                                        Jan Hahn
Jeanna Ellsworth                                  Jessica Evans                                     
Joana Starnes                                      Linda Beutler                                    
Linda Wells                                          Mel Schertz
Pamela Lynne                                      Pat Santarsiero                                
P. O. Dixon                                          Regina Jeffers                                  
Rose Fairbanks                                    Sally Smith O’Rourke
Sarah Johnson                                     Sophie Turner                                  
Stan Hurd                                            Vanity & Pride Press                      
Wendi Sotis                                         Zoe Burton

Laughing with Lizzie’s, Sophie Andrews, and the donated space for the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation, with Jane Austen quotes, have their spot in the 2016 Calendar.

Ordering Information: 

The calendar may be purchased on my website, JT Originals,
or directly from me at
You may also use the contact form on this blog to contact me and/or order.
The calendar cost is $10/calendar plus shipping. 

If you order from my website, click on the calendar on the home page or go to Jane Austen Stationery to get to the calendar. There is an "Add to Cart'  button under the calendar. From this page, you can only order one calendar. Clicking on the button will take you directly to the shopping cart where you will be allowed to update the quantity wanted.  I apologize for any inconvenience and am still talking with the PayPal Shopping Cart department about this issue
as it seems they do not have a fix for it at the moment. 

If you order directly from me at janet@jt-originals or the contact form on this blog, you may still pay by PayPal or credit card. I will bill you directly with exact postage. I can either send a PayPal invoice or a JT Originals invoice, depending on how you prefer to pay. 

What I will need if you choose to order directly from me:  
  • quantity ordered
  • email address (used for PayPal if that is your payment choice or other for contact purposes)
  • shipping address

I will then send you an invoice for payment. Once I receive payment, I will ship your calendar/s.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Thank You!

I want to say 'thank you' to Sophie Andrews for allowing me to use the illustrations from her 1894 Peacock Edition of Pride and Prejudice as well as the other five novels by Jane Austen that were illustrated by Hugh Thomson. She also let me use the drawings from a Pride and Prejudice book that was illustrated by C.E. Brock and an Emma, illustrated by Chris Hammond. It was exciting and fun to be working with the original drawings from these books. I was in awe of them all.
Thank you, Sophie. You are a jewel.

Another person I must mention is Ellen Pickels. Thank you so much, Ellen, for giving me a two and one-half hour crash course in Adobe InDesign. It made this calendar so much better than what I have been able to achieve in the past when using Publisher. I finally got the calendar to look, in print and in color, the way that I have been wanting it to look for the past four years.
I could not have done it without you and I will be forever grateful. 

Thank you to Minuteman Press in Georgetown, Texas, especially to Yvonne and Andy.
You always work with me and work hard to help me make this project the best it can be.
I appreciate that you take a special interest in the calendar and truly care about it.
(and you put up with my exuberance!)  :)


Now for a bit of fun with some of my pictures of peacocks, peahens and the cute little peachicks!
I hope you will indulge me and 'my other passion'!
I could not do this post without showing you more of my inspiration!


The beautiful male peacock in all his glory!

Aren't the color changes amazing! It all depends on how the light catches the feathers. The picture on the left is how they are seen, and depicted, most often.

I cannot leave this section without including a peahen and her chick!

Can you just barely see that little chick peeking out from under the hen's wing?  (left)

Even this young and with this few tail feathers, the male will
still 'strut his stuff'!  (right)

(below) This is how they sleep at night. The mother will encase the baby/babies in the hollow of her breast. The babies are then completely hidden from view.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of 'Peacock Life at the Taylor Home' and maybe learned something too!


I will end this post with the ad that will appear in the November/December issue of the Jane Austen Regency World magazine. Be sure and look for it. 
The calendar will also be on their Christmas list! 

Thank you for visiting my blog today and spending part of your time with me.
I would love to hear from you, so please let me know your thoughts! 

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And the winner is...

I have another winner to announce! This time the giveaway
was for one eBook of the latest release by Joana Starnes;

The Unthinkable Triangle by Joana Starnes

MaryAnn Nagy - eBook

Congratulations to you, Mary Ann! Please get in touch with me via email as soon as possible. (I emailed you earlier.) Thanks for being such a good supporter of my blog. I will be anxious to hear what you think of this intriguing book, Mary Ann.

Joana Starnes, it was so great having you visit again. It is always such a pleasure. Be sure to stop by often. Thank you for the giveaway of your book for my readers. 

Mr. Darcy - Bitten by Mary Lydon Simonsen

It has been way too long since Mary Lydon Simonsen, today's guest, visited my blog. It was back in April, 2013, when Ms. Simonsen was here talking about the cover of her then latest release, When They Fall in Love.  Today I am thrilled to welcome Mary Lydon Simonsen back to More Agreeably Engaged. She tells us about her books with Darcy as a werewolf and shares an excerpt from her latest novella, Mr. Darcy - Bitten. I read the first book, Mr. Darcy's Bite and really enjoyed it. Ms. Simonsen's research on wolves was well done and her story was compelling. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. Now, let's learn more about this new release!

Available on Amazon

Thank you, Janet, for inviting me to write a guest post on your blog. It’s always a pleasure.

In 2011, I wrote a novel, Mr. Darcy’s Bite, published by Sourcebooks, in which Mr. Darcy is a werewolf. I have to say that of all my books, Mr. Darcy’s Bite is my favorite because it is a story of love and acceptance. When Elizabeth consents to marry Mr. Darcy, she is also agreeing to accept everything that goes with being the wife of a man whose life is dictated by the cycles of the moon. His secret becomes her secret, and she must protect him.

The response to the story was positive, and so I published a sequel, Mr. Darcy Bites Back. In that novella, someone from Mr. Darcy past puts all the pieces of the puzzle together and realizes that the Master of Pemberley is a werewolf. Not only is Darcy threatened by the villain’s knowledge of his second nature, but everyone he holds dear is also in danger.

Because the prequel was also well received, I have published a prequel to Mr. Darcy’s Bite. In Mr. Darcy – Bitten, we go back to the beginning when fourteen-year-old Master Fitzwilliam Darcy is bitten by a werewolf in the Black Forest while on holiday with his family. By the time, Darcy has become a man, he has accepted that his life will forever be ruled by phases of the moon. But will an accidental meeting with a she wolf fourteen years earlier prevent him from being with the woman he loves? (Parts of this story were previously published on, but at least one-third of the book is new, and original content has been revised.)

Here is an excerpt from Mr. Darcy – Bitten. It begins with a conversation between Anne de Bourgh and Mr. Darcy about Elizabeth Bennet at Rosings Park`:

“Marriage?” Anne said. “But you once told me that you would only marry a she wolf or someone from the family of a werewolf.” 

Although she liked Elizabeth very much, the risks must be addressed.

“I did not make allowances for falling in love.”

“Has Elizabeth given you any encouragement?”

Darcy shook his head. To the contrary, when he had last seen her at the Netherfield ball, Elizabeth had walked off the dance floor in a huff as the dance had ended on a sour note with a discussion of George Wickham and Darcy’s supposed mistreatment of the son of his father’s steward. But knowing of her situation with regard to the entail, and because of the obvious benefits of such a match, surely she would accept his offer, that is, if she could accept the fact that, for two days during each lunar month, he became a creature of the night. In his mind, he saw his altered state as the only impediment to success.

“After daybreak, I hope to be in her company as often as possible,” Darcy explained. “It is my intention to smooth away the roughness of our previous encounters.”

In order for this to work, he needed Anne’s help. With her nephews in residence, Lady Catherine would have no need to send for the Collinses and their guest to entertain her. Anne must make sure that Elizabeth was invited to dine at Rosings.

“Yes, of course. But, William,” she said, placing her hand on her cousin’s arm, “do be careful. You must not reveal that you are a werewolf until after Elizabeth has accepted your proposal.”

Darcy disagreed. “To keep that information from her would be unfair to Elizabeth. She must understand what she is getting by way of a husband.”

“I understand what you are saying, but your safety is my primary concern.”

“You think Elizabeth will refuse me?”

“William, the possibility does exist that she will act contrary to her best interests. You must be prepared for rejection.”

Even with Anne’s words of caution, Darcy was determined to do this for one simple reason: he could not imagine life without Elizabeth Bennet.

You may ask why I don’t put all three stories into one novel? The problem is that while Mr. Darcy’s Bite was published by Sourcebooks, the sequel and prequel were published independently by me! That’s the bad news. The good news is that Sourcebooks has temporarily reduced the price of the e-book of Mr. Darcy’s Bite to $2.99.

As a way of celebrating the release of Mr. Darcy – Bitten, I am giving away a set of Mr. Darcy – Bitten, the prequel, and Mr. Darcy Bites Back, the sequel just in time for Halloween. Please leave a comment and an e-mail address where I can reach you by October 23rd.

Mr. Darcy Bitten on Kindle and Mr. Darcy Bitten on Nook for .99
Mr. Darcy Bites Back on Kindle and Mr. Darcy Bites Back on Nook for .99
Mr. Darcy's Bite on Kindle for $2.99


There you have it, Dear Readers! Oh, Mary Lydon Simonsen, I am a fan of your books! This sounds like a must read and I can hardly wait for the chance to do just that! I truly love wolves and they hold a soft spot in my heart. Since I love Mr. Darcy too, this a great combination for the paranormal adventure. It is perfect timing with Halloween coming soon.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and for offering such a generous giveaway. Please do not wait so long to visit again.

Readers, do not forget to leave an email address in your comment to be entered in this giveaway. Please take note that it ends earlier, at 11:59 PM, the 23rd of October.

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And the winners are...


We have winners!!!

The Last Waltz by Pat Santarsiero

Paperback:  Ginna
eBook:  Anji

Congratulations again to each of you. As soon as you can, please send me your contact information so that your books may be sent to you as soon as possible. I have emailed both of you so please reply via email. Thanks and I appreciate your support of my blog.

Thank you, Pat Santarsiero, for visiting my blog and for having the giveaway. I know my readers appreciate it very much!

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Angel of the Centerfold...Michaela Robertson

A couple of weeks ago we were privileged with the cover reveal of Angel of the Centerfold, written by Michaela Robertson and published by Meryton Press. Today Michaela visits us as part of her blog tour. 

I'm so happy to have you stop by, Ms. Robertson, and share an excerpt with us. Let's give a big welcome to Michaela Robertson! :)


Chance’s studio

Available on Amazon
On Friday, Chance sorted through the costume closet in his studio. This was a walk-in closet, larger than some city apartments and filled with various articles of clothing in an assortment of colors and sizes. One side was devoted to the props he used for his photo shoots: candles, feathers, costume jewelry, pasties… Everything he’d ever needed for a shoot was here, including some odd leather items he’d used for a layout for Bondage Babes a couple of years ago.

Each model was different in preferences and desires. Chance felt that he was doing them a favor by helping them fulfill their fantasies while feeding his more prurient interests. Some of the models had even taught him a thing or two. A couple of them had thought they were exclusive and permanent girlfriends, but he had quickly disabused them of that notion when he’d immediately shown them to the door. He felt perfectly justified in doing this. He’d told each model that he wasn’t boyfriend or marriage material, that all he wanted was fun and profit. They had each signed a contract explaining his stance and giving him the rights to all photographs.

Chance Bly’s studio was located on the upper two floors of a Federal-style building, the lower of which housed his offices, a digital media center, and a bedroom. The top floor was devoted to his studios. He also had exclusive use of the basement parking garage. All the other tenants and visitors parked in the garage across the street. He’d idly wondered whether the professional offices on the first two floors of the building knew what kind of establishment the upper floors harbored.

The top floor studio consisted of six large rooms set around an atrium. He used the atrium’s natural light to take pictures of his models au naturel with just “wilderness” surrounding them. His main studio room contained a queen-sized bed. It was a beautiful mahogany four-poster with a removable canopy. He had fond memories of this bed. Every three or four months, it was the setting for a night of passion and exotic pleasures with the current model.

Chance was convinced that this activity kept him from becoming attached to any of the soul-sucking debutantes that Callie thought he should marry. He’d watched as, one by one, his friends married the social elite—only to have the life drained out of them. He would never get caught in the marriage trap. Someday, when he finally decided it was time to settle down, he’d adopt his heir and hire a nanny. There were so many children who needed a parent and a good home. A debutante wife would leave their child with a nanny, and as a single father, he could do that just as well. He could have his heir and even a spare but absolutely not a wife.

His thoughts returned to the fact that Ariel would be in town tomorrow, and he had to continue readying the studio for a photo shoot. He’d already aired out each room, put clean linens on the bed in the main room, and checked the prop closet.

Sighing, he glanced at several camisoles and body stockings he’d selected. Nothing seemed right to clothe Ariel, the mermaid. Pushing the clothes out of the way, he laid on the bed. This had never been so difficult before. He’d always been able to find the exact combination of clothing and accessories to set the right mood and draw his model into his world.

Chance rubbed his eyes to alleviate the headache he could feel setting in. Ariel was a bit out of the norm for him. His usual model was blonde and waiflike, and she was definitely not a waif. When he held her while they were dancing, he could feel her curvy figure. She had a narrow waist, perky breasts—probably a B cup—and actual hips. She was an angel, a goddess.
He sat up suddenly and snapped his fingers. “That’s it! Perfect! A goddess, I shall dress her as a goddess.”

He went to his desk and started making plans. He made a list of new props to procure and browsed through the designer portfolios he’d received from his ad agency contact. Someone would certainly have outfits reminiscent of ancient Roman or Greek culture. That style was always in.

The leading lingerie designers willingly provided him samples. A month's worth of exposure on a beautiful woman in a men’s magazine was worth thousands of dollars in sales to a designer. Photos taken by a popular photographer who increased magazine sales were priceless. Chance Bly was a businessman, and he took full advantage of designers' samples.

His search was fruitful; he found half a dozen sets of lingerie that would be appropriate for a goddess, including Agent Provocateur’s “Gloria.” He wouldn’t try to get her into that for first time, but it would be perfect for the next session.

Picking up the phone, he called the ad executive who always arranged to acquire samples for him. The phone rang three times before the executive’s harried PA picked up. “Hello. Margaret Nelson’s office.”

“Hello. This is Chance Bly. Is Maggie available?” … Hello Maggie, Chance. I’m starting a new model, and I’m going for a goddess pinup. If I give you the list of what I’d like from the catalogue, can you get it for me this afternoon? … Yes, that quickly. I have my first meeting with the model tomorrow, and I’d like to get started with the sessions immediately. … Risqué wedding pictures of your daughter for your son-in-law-to-be? … All the rage, huh? I suppose you’re right; not every guy can brag that his wife’s picture was taken by a famous photographer. I’ve never taken those kinds of pictures before, but sure. … Is this afternoon too soon? You bring my samples, and I’ll take the pictures. You can look at the proofs right away, and I can have framed prints for you in a week. … See you at four.”

Hanging up the phone, he thought about Maggie’s odd request. If he had a daughter, there wasn’t a chance in hell he’d allow her to be photographed by somebody like Chance Bly.

Book Blurb:
Disguise of every sort creates difficulties for recent Yale grads Elizabeth and Jennie Blackwell, who are eager to begin the next chapter of their lives.

Elizabeth hopes her remarkable voice and academic training will help crown her the new darling of the Met. But will her burgeoning romance with world-renowned philanthropist Lliam Dafydd benefit her career or derail it before it begins?
Elizabeth’s minutes-older twin, Jennie, plans to translate her impressive résumé into a successful medical research program, but her demanding academic pursuits leave little time for romance.
Feeling trapped by her girl-next-door image, Jennie adopts a daring alter ego who behaves as she never would. As “Ariel De Mer,” Jennie becomes captivated by mysterious photographer, Chance Bly. Handsome and suave, he smoothly awakens her desires, while Ariel’s sexiness and sassiness mesmerize her smitten lover.
But Jennie’s innocent charade has a powerful impact on the lives of those she loves, and she is not the only one playing games.

Author Bio:

Michaela Robertson has dabbled in writing since her teenage years. In college, she initially majored in music until deciding she'd rather eat than enrich the world with her talent. A few years later, with a still-damp business degree in hand, Michaela entered the world of statistics. As the author of many dry technical documents, her artistic side was hidden from the world. Only her husband and daughter were aware of the musical talent hidden beneath the surface.   

In the late 1990's, she began traveling extensively for her job, and being away from home and family created something she was previously unfamiliar with—spare time. Bowling, mixed-doubles darts, and touring temporarily filled the void. A chance encounter in 2004 with the 1995 Pride and Prejudice mini-series starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle led Michaela’s down a new path. Having read Fan Fiction in other genres, she went on a quest for Austen Fan Fiction and discovered a world rich in stories and history.
Music continues to be Michaela’s muse and has inspired her writing. Now a widow, she lives on a couple of acres on the edge of the world in the Pacific Northwest with the current love of her life, a border collie.

Release Date: first of October


Angel of the Centerfold Facebook page

Angel of the Centerfold blog tour schedule

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10/10: Guest Post & Giveaway at My Love for Jane Austen
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Thank you for sharing your excerpt with me and my readers, Michaela Robertson. It was great to have you stop by. Congratulations on the publication of your book and I hope to see much more from you in the future! Best Wishes!

Meryton Press and Michele Reed are offering a paperback copy of Angel of the Centerfold, open internationally, as the giveaway. Leave a comment below and be sure to include your contact info. The giveaway will end at 11:59 PM on the 23rd of October. Good luck to all!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Playing Catch-up Again...

Here I go again, playing catch-up on listing some past winners of books and eBooks on my blog. All winners have been notified and all have responded. I offer my sincere apology to all of you, dear readers, for my lapse in posting the winners. It has been entirely too long in coming. I promise I will try to be more prompt with my posts. Please know, that the authors have nothing to do with the lack of winners's posts. It is all on me and I take full responsibility.
I appreciate each of you and your support of More Agreeably Engaged.

I will start from the most recent giveaway and work backward.

Sketching Character by Pamela Lynne

eBook: tgruy
eBook: BookLuver88

A Jane Austen Christmas by Carlo DeVito

 Hardcover: Regina Jeffers

As Good as a Lord by P.O. Dixon

Paperback:  Dung Vu
eBook:  Patty Edmisson

Yours Forevermore, Darcy by KaraLynne Mackrory

eBook:  Eva

Denial of Conscience by Cat Gardiner

Paperback: tgruy
eBook:  Anji

Take a Chance On Me by Marilyn Brant

eBook:  Nik Baur

In Appreciation to Readers ~ Jan Hahn

Prize Package + Amazon Gift Card:  Luthien84
Prize Package:  Mrs. Darcy
Prize Package:  Tina Carter
Prize Package:  Chiari Lanzi
eBook:  Tiffany

Jane by the Sea by Carolyn Murray

eBook:  Eva
eBook:  BeckyC

Mr. Darcy to the Rescue by Victoria Kincaid

eBook: Michelle Fidler

Miss Georgiana Darcy of Pemberley by Shannon Winslow

Paperback:  Anonymous
eBook:  tgruy
eBook:  Luthien84

A Constant Love by Sophie Turner

eBook:  Anna

Sweet Caresses by Sarah Johnson

eBook:  tgruy

Inspired by Grace by Jeanna Ellsworth.

Choice of Paperback or eBook:  NovElla

Suddenly Mrs. Darcy by Jenetta James

Paperback:  rayvness79

Yours by Design by Robin Helms

Paperback:  BeckyC
eBook:  NikBaur

A Will of Iron by Linda Beutler

eBook:  VesperMeikle

Again, I apologize for my tardiness in posting these winners. 
Congratulations to each of you and I hope you will continue to visit my blog.

A special thanks to all the authors who make our reading time possible
and who have these wonderful giveaways. We love your books!