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A Little Whimsical in His Civilities Blog Tour...J. Marie Croft

A Little Whimsical in His Civilities Blog Tour Stops by my place today with a delightful excerpt. It will bring a smile to your lips and a desire to read more of this tantalizing new novella by J. Marie Croft! If you are not familiar with Ms. Croft's writing style, you are in for a delicious treat. Enjoy, dear Readers! Be sure to enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter at the end! (I LOVE this cover!)


Since tomorrow will be Valentine’s Day,
the snippet being shared is Darcy and Elizabeth’s first tender moment in the novella,
as told from the gentleman’s point of view.
“I am missing one of my pearl earrings. Do you happen to see it anywhere?”
Most eager to come to the lady’s aid, I say, “Can you describe it?”
“It is a pearl.” She casts me a peculiar look. “One of a pair.” My beguiled mind is apparently not keeping pace with hers. She rolls her eyes at my rug-headed ignorance. “The missing earring looks remarkably similar to its mate.” She waits for enlightenment to dawn upon me, but I remain in the dark. “Its mate, Mr. Darcy, is the one presently clinging to my left earlobe.”
Ah! Brilliant. She now believes I have more hair than wit, and I suspect the impertinent minx might have the right of it. But she is not the only brazen one. I prove that by stepping closer. A fleet survey of the room’s occupants indicates that, rather surprisingly, no one is paying particular attention to my position. That is a singularly odd but most welcome circumstance. So I inch even nearer. Standing now almost toe-to-toe with Elizabeth, I am not unaffected by our closeness. Definitely not unaffected.

I plainly see the pearl on her delectable lobe, and although deceit is not my wont, I pretend her hair is an obstruction. “May I?”
Tentatively, I reach out my hand towards her. She blushes prettily but, to my amazement and delight, nods consent. I tenderly lift a curl away from Elizabeth’s delicate ear, and I can scarcely believe the unmitigated joy I receive from such a simple but totally unnecessary and highly improper deed. She responds with a slight gasp and higher colour on her cheeks whilst my heart throbs wildly. “Exquisite,” I whisper.
“Thank you. The earrings were a gift from my dear Aunt and Uncle Gardiner and, as such, are quite precious to me.”
I do not amend her misunderstanding of the compliment. All the while, I am enthralled, transported beyond the room, oblivious to the noise and presence of others. There is, after all, only dearest, loveliest Elizabeth and—
“Mr. Darcy?” she murmurs.
Preoccupied by her absolute beguilement of my senses, I absentmindedly answer, “Yes, my love?”
Her hitched breath and widened eyes slam me back into reality. Thanks to innate quickness of mind, I am able to salvage the slip of my traitorous tongue. “Yes. My love of the hunt has been engaged, and I shall immediately run down the crafty, artful jewel. It may be elusive, but I am resourceful.”
By God, am I ever!
  A Little Whimsical in His Civilities by J. Marie Croft

Told entirely from Fitzwilliam Darcy’s point of view, J. Marie Croft’s humorous novella, A Little Whimsical in His Civilities, spans one moonlit, autumnal night upon the gentleman’s return to Hertfordshire in pursuit of Elizabeth Bennet.

“We take the turning which places us on Meryton’s main road, and—oh, gad! There it is—the base-court building which passes for an assembly hall in this godforsaken place. For me, the venue shall be either a heaven or a hell tonight. My palms grow clammy, my gut churns, and I regret that second helping of onion-laden vegetable pie forced on me before we left.”

Accompany Darcy as he, intent on reversing the disastrous first impression he made there, braves another Meryton assembly and seeks to win his heart’s desire.

Author Bio:

J. Marie Croft is a self-proclaimed word nerd and adherent of Jane Austen’s quote “Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery”. Her light-hearted novel, Love at First Slight (Meryton Press, 2013), her humorous short story, Spyglasses and Sunburns, in the Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer anthology (Meryton Press, 2015), and her novella, A Little Whimsical in His Civilities (Meryton Press, 2016) bear witness to Joanne’s fondness for Pride and Prejudice, wordplay, and laughter.


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  1. Beautiful excerpt! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Yikes! My eyes hurt from rolling. "Yes, my love... of the hunt" indeed! This book looks like it will be great fun.

  3. Janet, thanks for participating in the Whimsical blog tour and for posting my excerpt.

    Maria, thanks for reading it.

    Ginna, you know what they say. Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.

  4. Joanne, I had forgotten that one! :-o

    Getting off topic.... I really like "If a man speaks in the forest, and no woman is around to hear him, is he still wrong?"

    1. Ha! Good one, Ginna. I'm still snickering ... and probably shouldn't be.

    2. No, you should. You definitely should. Tell me it's not true! It sure is at MY house.

  5. *Ahem* No comment. Well, technically, this IS a comment … but … no comment.

  6. Oh, that was cuteness. Good save there, Mr. I'm a good hunter. LOL

  7. I love seeing into this Darcy's mind and though he may think he's made a good save there, what's betting Elizabeth noticed anyway? After all, he did say it as a question.

    Ginna and Joanne, you've both made me smile this Sunday morning with your sayings. Thank you.

    1. Anji, glad you enjoyed it. Just don't wear it on a t-shirt to the lumberjack convention!

  8. What a different first impression for Darcy and Elizabeth at the Meryton Assembly! Thank you for the giveaway.

  9. This was one of my favorite parts of the story. I laughed out loud so many times the neighbors probably thought I was watching a comedy channel.

    When Darcy slipped with "my love" I believe I sucked in a breath and held it until his attempt at a save. Personally, I wasn't fooled.

    You write with Lizzy Bennet wit, Joanne. I savored every single syllable. Yes, every single one.

    1. Oh, Joy, you are a treasure. Thank you, dear lady, for leaving such a lovely comment.

  10. *Giggling* Glad to see Darcy is no longer tongue tied around Elizabeth!

    1. That is great, isn't it! I giggled too! Joanne's writing always brings a smile or chuckle. She has amazing wit and puts it so eloquently on the page!

  11. Glad to have provided some giggles, Dung Vu and Janet.

    Janet, thanks for your kind words and for being a part of the Whimsical blog tour.

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