Monday, August 19, 2013

My Share in the Conversation...Mr. Darcy's Promise

Mr. Darcy’s Promise by Jeanna Ellsworth

The novel begins with Georgiana making a surprise visit to Netherfield to see her brother. In one of his letters to her, Darcy mentioned a Miss Elizabeth Bennet and even said that he admired her, a first for him on both accounts. This revelations so intrigued Georgiana that she is a bit deceitful in her efforts to make the trip in the hopes of meeting the lady and seeing for herself if her brother is truly in love. Mr. Darcy is surprised but thrilled to see Georgiana. Seeing the relationship between the siblings and how Mr. Darcy acts toward his sister makes Lizzy start to rethink her opinion of him.

Wickham being in Meryton and showing up at Longbourn bring the trouble that only he can deliver. Georgiana, Lizzy and Darcy are all affected. No one remains untouched by his schemes. I have to admit that I was much pleased by the results of one of his schemes going afoul! Well done, Ms. Ellsworth!

Colonel Fitzwilliam is lovable and even is a jokester. Georgiana is a bit secretive at times, but understandably so. Wickham is bad to the bone as always, but nastier than ever. Lizzy and Darcy are pretty true to character throughout the book. Darcy is honorable and trustworthy, almost to a fault. I have to agree with Lizzy about Mr. Darcy’s promise. It became somewhat vexing to me too! (but in a good way)  Ms. Ellsworth’s Darcy is wonderful and I fell more in love with him than ever.

As Darcy and Lizzy get to know one another there are many wonderful scenes with the two of them. This was one of the many things that I enjoyed about this book – lots of Darcy and Lizzy together. The mud escapade was marvelous and made for amusing and fun reading. I laughed out loud several times. Walking in the stream, tending the hen and her chicks and many more great moments await the reader of this novel.

Some of the lessons learned and the stories told about them are very intuitive. The lovely parallel of the hen and her chicks are just one of them. I was impressed with this aspect of the novel. The author wove them in with ease and they added much to the story. Not only was it lighthearted in places, fun, serious, upsetting and very touching, it told a great story with meaning. It made me think, laugh and cry. I finished the book feeling very satisfied.

Jeanna Ellsworth’s debut novel is well-written, entertaining and hard to put down. I enjoyed it immensely and hope to see more from her soon. If you like Jane Austen and JAFF, you will not want to miss one.

5 out of 5 stars
PG for no explicit sex

This is my 17th novel for the 2013 Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge.


  1. Thanks for a charming and very intriguing review, Janet, and many thanks to Jeanna Ellsworth for a very tempting book, it sounds like a 'must-read'!

  2. This one sounds good and I like the refreshing change of Georgiana getting more page time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.