Monday, March 24, 2014

My Share in the Conversation...First Impressions

Today I will start my series of reviews for three books by Alexa Adams. These books are her Tales of Less Pride & Prejudice. This is a little different from my normal review format but I hope, dear readers, that you will find it to your liking.
  • Monday: First Impressions: A Tale of Less Pride & Prejudice 
  • Tuesday; Second Glances: A Tale of Less Pride & Prejudice Continues
  • Wednesday; Holidays at Pemberley or Third Encounters,:  A Tale of Less Pride & Prejudice Concludes
Alexa Adams is working on a new novel and she is sharing three excerpts with us, one following each review. It doesn't get much better than that...oh wait, yes it does. She is also allowing me to offer a giveaway and IF you comment on each review, your chances to win TRIPLE! You will find more info about it at the end of the post. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the reviews and the excerpts. 

First Impressions: A Tale of Less Pride & Prejudice by Alexa Adams

This Pride & Prejudice variation holds true to the second part of the title with much less prejudice and a lot less pride. It has all the same characters as the original with some of them having a slight alteration of personality. These changes make for a very interesting tale that is sweet and endearing with little angst. Following are a few of those changes.

Darcy does not insult Elizabeth at the Meryton Assembly but he does ask her to dance. She accepts and that is the beginning of the changes. I really liked this Darcy!

Bingley is a stronger character and not as easily influenced. He stands up to Caroline. Jane is still dear sweet Jane.

Mr. Bennet is a better parent and is willing to receive some needed advice. He is even a bit of a matchmaker and his skills are quite entertaining.

Mrs. Bennet is willing to reign in her effusions, at least in part, and does listen to her husband. 

Lady Catherine is a gentler soul and even a little likable.

Wickham and Caroline are still hateful, deceitful and despicable, but they do get their just reward. It was one I found quite satisfying!

Mary Bennet receives some story time and some happiness for a change. She is allowed to grow as a person and I was impressed with this Mary. She has more depth of character although she does occasionally slip back into her former self.

There are some interesting changes for Kitty, Lydia and Charlotte. I found them all delightful! 

Alexa Adams writes in a style and manner that is reminiscent of Jane Austen. Her writing is beautiful and her wit and satire add sparkle to this fun tale. It is a fast read, is charming and engaging. The story flows smoothly and I enjoyed being immersed in the lovely language with which this author writes with apparent ease.Although there are two more books that continue this story of less pride and prejudice, this one stands alone. I think anyone who enjoys JAFF will want to read First Impressions as Ms. Adams is extremely talented. 

5 out of 5 stars

Following is a short comment from the author and then an excerpt from her upcoming book:

I’m very pleased to share a few excerpts from my next novel, The Madness of Mr. Darcy. This is still a work in progress and subject to change. I hope to have it published by early 2015.

This first excerpt currently acts as preface to the novel, which takes place twenty years after the events here described. 

Elizabeth could not sleep. She sat on the window ledge of her bedroom at Longbourn staring out across the lawn towards the long, irregular drive. It had been eight months since her sister, Lydia, had run away from Brighton, and they had no word of her since. Elizabeth was getting accustomed to lack of sleep, and the long nights passed between painful contemplation and futile attempts to avoid such thought all together – thoughts of what had happened to her sister.

It was nearly a full moon, and by its determined light, she suddenly perceived movement by the drive’s end, where the palings marked the entrance to the small estate. Staring determinedly in their directions, she was shocked to perceive a scantily clad figure running towards the house. She stared and quickly confirming the truth of what her senses perceived, she secured her shawl about her shoulders and raced out her bedroom, down the stairs, through the all, and unlocked the front door.

“Lydia!” she cried at the familiar face before all similarity to her youngest sibling disappeared beneath the spectacle of a dishevelled creature, thrusting itself into her arms and sobbing violently.

The house began to rouse at the noise as Elizabeth half carried, half dragged the woman she was certain must be Lydia (though she still wished to look at her face again for confirmation of that distressing notion) into the nearest parlor, where she plopped down on the sofa, nowa spectacle for the first servants to arrive on scene, and the creature wrapped herself more tightly into her arms, weeping even harder.

It was impossible to get her to raise her head, but Elizabeth knew it was she. She wrapped an arm around the mound of tattered fabric in her lap and began to make a shushing noise, like a baby.

“Lizzy! What is this?” Her mother in shocked tones demanded.

“Shhh!” she said louder, and then in quiet but shocked tones, “Tis Lydia, I think!”

“Lydia!” her mother repeated, blinking absently while her husband at her side clutched the door for support and grew remarkably pale.

“Dear god!” he said, his wife still agape and unmoving.

“What is it, Mama?” Elizabeth heard Kitty say, though she could no longer watch the tableau her family presented, all her attention demanded by the person in her arms. “Why is Lizzy cradling a beggar?”

“Quiet, child!” her mother replied, suddenly stirred into action and walking towards her youngest, dearest child. She knelt beside the sofa and reached for the crying creature’s face and with both hands, holding it up for her to inspect. The incessant weeping stopped, and Mrs. Bennet stared into her favorite’s face, dirty and tear streaked. Tears welled in her own eyes as she said, “Oh my darling!” and she wrapped her arms around her, taking Elizabeth’s burden beside her on the couch, and the two women wept together in each other’s arms for several moments before Lydia suddenly, and with great violence, pushed her mother away and dove back at Lizzy, holding her far too tightly. The weeping was replaced by a strange whimpering noise, rather squeaky and frantic.

Mr. Bennet helped his wife to rise from the floor, where she had very unceremoniously landed. The lady rose while holding a hand to her cheek, which revealed a smear of blood when she examined it. “She scratched me!” Mrs. Bennet said in astonishment. “What does this mean, Mr. Bennet!”

The gentleman walked cautiously towards his daughter, whose face was now easier to see where it perched over Elizabeth’s shoulder. “My god!” he said again. “She’s mad!”

“It is as Mr. Collins said,” Mary interjected, thinking of everything she had ever read of womanly virtue. “It would have been better if she were dead.”

No one made any reply.

Oh my and to think we must wait until 2015! I know I am all anticipation! What about the rest of you? Thank you, Alexa Adams, for sharing this with us. I look forward to the book's release.

Alexa Adams is generously giving away one of the three books being reviewed, to two lucky people. A domestic winner will have the choice of a paperback or eBook. An international winner will receive an eBook. To be entered leave a comment below as I always love reading your 'share in the conversation'!  As a reminder, if you leave a comment at each review, you triple your chances of winning! Good luck to all. Be sure to include your email address in the comment. To prevent unwanted spam, put your email address with (at) instead of @. Winner will be chosen in a random drawing. Giveaway will end at midnight, April 2, 2014.


  1. Eeeeek! Oh my goodness, what an exciting excerpt!

    Thanks for the review, I have this book, and the second on my kindle, so I'll look forward to seeing what you thought of that one too.

    1. That is quite an excerpt, isn't it! Thanks for stopping by, Ceri. I like the second book too!

  2. This is certainly a very different type of subject for one of the P & P variations. As you said, it's a long wait until 2015! Looking forward to further updates from Ms. Adams.

    rcmsilvia at

    1. Isn't it different? I hope the release might be earlier!

  3. Shiver! Shiver! I can't wait to see what comes after that tantalizing excerpt.

    I had the privilege of reading this series too, Janet. It was neat to read your thoughts to see how you liked the first book. Amazing how one change can affect things so much. Please don't enter me in the contest.

    1. It is amazing how much difference one change can make!

      I'm afraid we are in for several good teases then a wait! We may be begging for a release that is earlier than 2015!

  4. Ack! You can't stop there!!!! Janet - how many hours until your next post!!!

    Lovely review as always Janet, so glad you enjoyed Alexa's lovely first book!

    1. I hope to post it around 8 AM Central time. I can't get the automatic posting to work so must be doing something wrong! UGH!!! The next two excerpts are just as tantalizing! Can we wait until 2015??? I'm not so sure! Alexa, help!!!

      Glad you enjoyed the review, Meredith. Since I had never reviewed the first book, I decided to reread and review it before doing the other two. I'm a little late but guess that's better than not at all.Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.

    2. Not late at all, Janet! As you can see in the comments, there are still many people who haven't read Alexa's works yet, or perhaps didn't know about them, before your review! Your reviews are helpful no matter when you post them! :)

  5. Sounds so intriguing...please enter me for the ebook.
    Marilyn ewatvess at

  6. I love what-ifs, it seems that Darcy will be less prideful. I am looking forward to reading this story.

    This excerpt plus the other excerpt have me hooked in. There small but powerful making me wish that the book was already available to read. Again I have so many questions, why is Lydia running to Lizzy and not her mom. What is the situation at Longbourne? many questions. I guess I'll have to wait to have answers.


    1. Hi Marcia. Darcy is less prideful. The book is very enjoyable with little angst. It is a good read.

      The excerpt is hooking everyone who reads it. The questions, the questions, yes, there are so many of them. Be sure to read the next two excerpts for more! I can hardly wait for the release of this book! Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Hi Marcia! This excerpt is just a prologue, setting up the action. Elizabeth becomes Lydia's main caregiver in her madness. Mr. Bennet does not long survive the shock, and Longbourn is passed to the Collinses. I know that probably just creates more questions. I'll be providing much more information about the book as I finish it, so keep an eye on my blog!

  7. Not fair to make us wait. 2015? I am all curiosity. Great review, by the way.

    1. It isn't fair, is it? I'm so curious too. Glad you liked the review.

  8. Your blog has made me want to read the books by Alexa Adams. Always enjoy a different look at the characters and how they interact with others. Marti

    1. I hope you will get the chance to read the books, Marti. She writes so beautifully that her books are a joy to read! She tells a good story too!

  9. Insightful review! What a great excerpt, missing for 8 months where has she been? I pride myself on my patience but 2015!

  10. Ooh Ooh Ooh sounds just FABULOUS!
    Please can you enter me for the ebook.
    tonicarte (at)

    Thank you!

  11. Can't wait to read this book. Very exciting and different from most variations.

  12. I highly interest her new book, Alexa. I am looking forward to reading, but I will be patient that you release it. I like the plot that Elizabeth's care of Lydia; It is so plausible. So It has been open to many questions. :)