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My share in the conversation...Ross Poldark

I am thrilled to be a part of the Ross Poldark Blog Tour. Watching the series on Masterpiece Theatre has been an enjoyable experience and was great as it coincides with my reading of the books. There is a fabulous giveaway for this tour and the information is at the bottom of this post. There is also a tour schedule so be sure to stop by any of the blog stops that you may have missed. 

Below is my review of the first book of the continuing saga. 

Ross Poldark:  A Novel of Cornwall, 
1783-1787 by Winston Graham

The first novel of The Poldark Saga, Ross Poldark, begins in March 1783 with the death of Joshua Poldark, Ross’s father. In the prologue the reader is given a little history of Joshua and his older brother, Charles Poldark. I liked getting this background information of the two brothers as it did what a prologue should do, set the stage for the story and whet the appetite. I was ready to delve into the meat of the saga.

In Chapter One Ross is returning from America to his beloved home of Nampara in Cornwall after having fought in the war. On the way (Chapter Two) he stops at Trenwith House, the home of his uncle Charles and his cousins, Francis and Verity, where he is very obviously unexpected. Not only did the Trenwith Poldark’s get a shock (they had heard Ross died in the war), Ross received an even bigger shock. His arrival interrupted an engagement dinner! The engagement being celebrated is for none other than Ross’s cousin, Francis, and Elizabeth, the woman that Ross loved and left waiting for him, or so he thought, when he went off to war. Of course, Ross is devastated and the tension in the room is heavy. Verity does her best to help Ross and he does handle himself admirably under the circumstances. Thus begins the story of Ross Poldark.

I fell in love with the character of Ross Poldark. He has his faults and is human, after all, which makes him a perfect hero for the saga. I adored him and I got frustrated with him at times. He has a heart of gold and his desire to help those beneath him in circumstance set him apart from those of his circle in society. It also made him respected by his tenants and miners. Ross cares little for the rules that govern the genteel and has no hesitation in voicing his thoughts. That gets him in trouble sometimes but it is part of what makes him real and endearing.

The story has much about the mines of the area, the people that owned them and those that worked them. It was fascinating and informative. The author has a way with descriptions that puts the reader in the story as the visualizations come to life. The details are not overdone but are enough to bring in the reader and create the experience of feeling what the characters are feeling.

There is much about this novel that I appreciated. When Ross comes home to Nampara and sees the neglect of the land and his home, my heart hurt with him. He has lost the love of his life, his father and now, his home is almost in shambles. The two servants, Jud Paynter and Prudie, who were supposed to be in charge, have spent most of their time in drink and laziness. Although these two characters were rough around the edges and complained much, they were quite comical and a neat addition to the saga. Jud made me laugh on several occasions with his comments and complaints.

The main characters of Ross Poldark: A Novel of Cornwall are written and developed well. The book centers around Ross Poldark and his efforts to reestablish his mine, his home and his place. Along the way he meets a little street urchin, Demelza, and she becomes the central female character. Their tale is one of growth and learning for both. It was not rushed and felt genuine. The next book in the saga is Demelza: A Novel of Cornwall, and I cannot wait to get started on it.

Francis and Elizabeth Poldark have a good bit of page time and their life unfolds in a surprising way. Verity Poldark is one of my favorites and her heart is true. She does not get treated well by her family and is taken for granted but Ross loves her and is good to her. Their close relationship was a saving grace for both of them.

The author, Winston Graham, is an excellent author. Not only does he have a good plot, the story flows and held my attention. I loved and lived with the characters and am ready to visit them again. I highly recommend Ross Poldark.

FYI: For any of you that may be watching the series on Masterpiece Theatre, it follows closely to the narrative. There are a few additions and changes but a good bit of the conversation is taken straight from the book. The beginning of the series was different, however most of what is seen was gleaned or assumed from conversations later in the novel.

I was given a copy of the book by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.


In the first novel in Winston Graham’s hit series, a weary Ross Poldark returns to England from war, looking forward to a joyful homecoming with his beloved Elizabeth. But instead he discovers his father has died, his home is overrun by livestock and drunken servants, and Elizabeth—believing Ross to be dead—is now engaged to his cousin. Ross has no choice but to start his life anew.
Thus begins the Poldark series, a heartwarming, gripping saga set in the windswept landscape of Cornwall. With an unforgettable cast of characters that spans loves, lives, and generations, this extraordinary masterwork from Winston Graham is a story you will never forget.


In the enchanting second novel in Winston Graham’s beloved Poldark series, Demelza Carne, an impoverished miner’s daughter Ross Poldark rescued from a fairground brawl, now happily finds herself his wife. But the events of these turbulent years test their marriage and their love. As Ross launches into a bitter struggle for the right of the mining communities, Demelza’s efforts to adapt to the ways of the gentry (and her husband) place her in increasingly odd and embarrassing situations. When tragedy strikes and sows the seeds of an enduring rivalry between Ross and the powerful George Warleggan, will Demelza manage to bridge their differences before they destroy her and her husband’s chance at happiness?

Against the stunning backdrop of eighteenth century Cornwall, Demelza sweeps readers into one of the greatest love stories of all time.


Winston Graham (1908-2003) is the author of forty novels. His books have been widely translated and the Poldark series has been developed into two television series, shown in 22 countries. Six of Winston Graham's books have been filmed for the big screen, the most notable being Marnie, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Winston Graham is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and in 1983 was awarded the O.B.E.


If Jane Austen met Charlotte Bronte and they drank too much port, the Poldark Saga would be their literary love child.” —  

Captain Ross Poldark rides again in the new Sourcebooks Landmark tie-in editions of Ross Poldark and Demelza, the first two novels in the acclaimed Poldark Saga by Winston Graham, adapted into the inaugural season of the new Masterpiece Classic PBS’s series Poldark, airing June 21 – August 2 on PBS.

In celebration, July 6th through August 3rd, The Ross Poldark Blog Tour will visit thirty popular book blogs specializing in historical, romance and Austenesque fiction. Featuring spotlights, previews, excerpts and book reviews of these two acclaimed historical fiction novels, the tour will also offer readers a chance at a fabulous giveaway contest including copies of the books and a stunning Anglophile-themed prize package.


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  15. Thanks for your review. Love this series & love Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark. Thanks for the giveaway chance.
    Carol L

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