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Cat Gardiner...Without a Conscience

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Are you as excited as I am that Cat Gardiner's, Without a Conscience, the much anticipated sequel to Denial of Conscience, has finally arrived? Yes, dear readers, it was released on November 11th. Isn't that great news? 

If any of you ready my review of Denial of Conscience, you know how much I loved it. What were your thoughts? Are you as eager to read Without a Conscience as I am? Knowing the excellence of Cat's writing, I have no doubt but what I will love this new book just as much as the first one.

Cat is visiting today with a 'classified' excerpt! You don't want to miss this. I love it! We get to see Caroline Bingley in action and learn a bit more about her. She is one lethal lady!


Hi Janet! It’s wonderful to be back at More Agreeably Engaged. You’re one of my favorite ladies in the JAFF community, so I’m flattered to have been invited to share with you and your readers an excerpt from Without a Conscience.

 This final stop on the hog tour gives us the last of four CIA dossiers: Caroline Bingley.  In Denial of Conscience, readers were taken by surprise how this modern villainess possessed “other” skills of a true proficient. No painting tables for her! Her talents and lethal barbs are saved for her role in Obsidian. We all wanted to hate her more than we did―because we dislike her so much in canon. But we couldn’t. She is kick ass talented as a female ninja master (Kunoichi.)

Similar to her Regency counterpart, she is a proficient woman in a ballroom, but our modern version dances (teaches at The Bingley Dance Studio.) She carries a fan but it’s a deadly Japanese Tessen War Fan (to match the small Sai Fighting Sticks securing her hair,) and her tongue is still slithering (enough to earn her the nickname Viper from the men on the team.) Caroline is the most proficient woman we have ever met and she knows it. And yes, our modern Caroline still wants Darcy, but she will meet her match in Liz in Without a Conscience!

In this excerpt, Caroline is on a warpath. Determined to find out what has happened to Rick, she makes at stop to her former boss. One Mr. Thomas Bertram, Director of the CIA. She knows how to extract information and that’s what he’s afraid of. Even a powerful man such as him quakes at her arrival. I hope you enjoy this glimpse―and rest assured―Bertram – and Caroline both get their due.

My visual inspiration for Liz is the stunning actress, Jessica Chastain.



This is the exciting sequel to Denial of Conscience, a modern Darcy and Elizabeth adventure of international intrigue. Romance, Suspense, Passion, and Danger

Someone wants to kill The Iceman, Fitzwilliam Darcy, and will stop at nothing to lure him into the open. Out for retribution, the son of an assassinated South American drug lord is seeking payback. His diabolical objective puts Operation Macarena into play by dangling bait guaranteed to entice his enemy. Can Darcy’s new bride, Liz, accept his decision to leave their tranquil life at Pemberley to resume the deadly profession he swore was behind them forever?

But are Darcy and Liz each fully satisfied with their simple, peaceful existence raising polo ponies and planning exotic vacations? Darcy set Liz’s spirit free; how can she resist the urge to ride on the wild side? Perhaps coming out of retirement is just what her husband needs because The Iceman never truly melted.

Without a Conscience takes readers on an adventure from the dangerous Peruvian Amazon Basin to the salacious underbelly of Parisian nightlife, leading toward a perilous rescue in Moscow.

Conscience or no, but propelled by love, Liz and Darcy re-enter the realm of international intrigue for the one and only thing they know is truly worth fighting for: each other.


Cat Gardiner loves romance and happy endings, history, comedy, and Jane Austen. A member of National League of American Pen Women, Romance Writers of America, and her local chapter TARA, she enjoys writing across the spectrum of Pride and Prejudice inspired romance novels. From the comedic Christmas, Chick Lit Lucky 13 and bad boy biker Darcy in the steamy adventure Denial of Conscience, to the romantic comedy Villa Fortuna and the sultry 1950s Noir Undercover, these contemporary novels will appeal to many Austenesque lovers.

Her greatest love is writing 20th Century Historical Fiction, WWII–era Romance. Her debut novel, A Moment Forever was released in May 2016. She is currently working on her next, The Song is You.

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Cat, I love the way you chose to set up the blurb! Wonderful! The top secret file was perfect as was Caroline's pic. You are one clever lady! Thank you for your creativity in sharing with us today. After this teaser, I am all the more ready to dive in and read Without a Conscience!  It is such fun having you visit again. Thank you, Cat!

Readers, Ms. Gardiner has a fantastic giveaway. There are five eBooks, US and international and 2 Paperbacks, US only. Seven lucky people will get a chance to read Without a Conscience. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Good luck to all.

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  1. I love this post, ladies! This image of Caroline is perfect, IMO! I can't wait to crack this book open.

    1. Thanks, Claudine! I do love Jessica C. for Caroline. This image really embodies her. Hope you enjoy WaC. Thanks for commenting. :)

  2. Can't wait to read the sequel to the conscience series. Love the Iceman and Lizzy's adventures.

    1. Hi Lora! Thanks for commenting. This is quite an adventure that odc is on. Good luck in the giveaway! Hugs, C

  3. I've loved all of the dossiers (and photos) you've shared with us, Cat, and following your all too brief tour. I'm sure we'd all love lots, lots more!

    Can't wait to catch up with the characters from DoC.

    1. Thanks, Anji! I had a ton of fun making these up. There are also some fun Polyvore sets in the Pinterest board that you may like I hope you enjoy WaC! Good Luck :)

  4. I'm happy to read that Caroline is dealt with in her efforts to steal Darcy from Liz. I am really desperate to read this book. I love the chemistry between ODC, talk about explosive!!! Thanks for the files Cat and the excellent character portrayal ����

    1. Hi Glynis! So happy you stopped by for more CIA dossiers. Oh yes, Caroline isn't let off so easily. She got away with a lot in DoC, but that's not going to happen in WaC. tee hee. Thanks so much and Best of Luck, hon!

  5. Oh yes, I can see why your excited for WaC, Janet. I'm excited, too. Oh fun! A Caroline dossier. :)

    1. Hi, Sophia! I hope you have as much fun with WaC as you did with DoC! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  6. Replies
    1. She is one ice cold viper. tee hee. Thanks, Denise! Good Luck.

  7. Looking forward to reading this book. Thank you for the excerpt and giveaway. I did not expect a sequel!

    1. Hi, Eva. Thanks so much for commenting! So happy WaC is a pleasant surprise. Good luck in the giveaway!

  8. There is something about the word 'classified' that makes my eyes peek. I felt rather daring to read the above dossier on Caroline Bingley. I'm pleased to note we have different power colors. When I'm nervous about a test, public speaking, or presentation, I always paint my toenails bright, blood red. Then I wear sensible loafers to cover them up. But, I know the power of the red is there.

  9. Yay!!! More Iceman. Love, Love, Love!