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Karen M. Cox...Undeceived

Karen Cox is my guest, and I'm happy to have her stop by and share a little about her book, Undeceived. To learn more about the book, the description is below; then we will be treated to Karen's interview of one of her characters! I know all of you will enjoy reading it. Thanks, Karen, for sharing it with me and my readers. Welcome to More Agreeably Engaged.


Pride & Prejudice in the Spy Game
Karen M Cox

Second Edition available now for preorder,
releases on 7/23/2019 
Available at Kindle, Kobo, B&N, Apple and other ebook platforms


...if I endeavor to undeceive people as to the rest of his conduct, who will believe me?  
-Pride & Prejudice, Chapter 40

Elizabeth Bennet, a rookie counterintelligence officer, lands an intriguing first assignment—investigating the CIA's legendary William Darcy, who is suspected of being a double agent.

Darcy’s charmed existence seems at an end as he fights for his career and struggles against his love for the young woman he doesn’t know is watching his every move.

Elizabeth’s confidence dissolves as nothing is like she planned—and the more she discovers about Darcy, the more she finds herself in an ever-tightening web of danger. 

Unexpected twists abound in this suspenseful Cold War era romance inspired by Jane Austen’s classic tale.


Are you ready for the interview? I am! Take it away Karen and William Darcy! 

Undeceived: Darcy Interview

The Darcy Dozen: Twelve Questions with William Darcy, CIA officer and hero of Undeceived: Pride & Prejudice in the Spy Game:

Karen: “Thank you for joining me today, Officer Darcy. I’m sure readers will enjoy getting to know a little about you.”
Darcy nods
Karen: “Okay, then. First things first—tell us a little about yourself.”
Darcy: “There isn’t that much to tell. Spy Rule Number 22: Good agents don’t talk about their personal lives.”
Karen: “There must be something you can tell us about yourself.”
Darcy shrugs
Karen: “For example, I know you were born November 15, 1951 in Baltimore, MD. You’re 6’2” and have 20/20 vision and a photographic memory. You did a tour of duty as a pilot in Vietnam before joining the CIA in 1974. You rose quickly through the ranks and have been rumored to be in position for…”
Darcy: “Where did you get that information?” reaches for my folder and we tug it back and forth a couple of times before the contents spill on the floor
Karen picking up the papers and glaring: “It’s right there in your FBI file.”
Darcy: scowls and crosses arms “And why do I have an FBI file?”
Karen: “Oh, um, well…doesn’t everybody in your line of work have an FBI file?”
Darcy: “Next question.”
Karen: “You mentioned your Spy Rules. How many Spy Rules do you have?”
Darcy: “At last count, there were…114.”
Karen: “Wow, that’s a lot to remember.”
Darcy: points to temple “Photographic memory.”
Karen: “Right. Is there any Spy Rule you absolutely know you would never break?
Darcy: “Spy Rule 18: Let the cutouts do their work and you do yours. That means you don’t let personal feelings get in the way of your job. For example, you can’t endanger the other officers and assets in your circle by putting one person’s safety above the others.”
Karen: “Well, that makes sense I guess.”
Darcy: “Next question.”
Karen: “What three items would you want to have with you on a deserted island?”
Darcy: “Mosquito net, a good knife, and one of those new-fangled communication devices.”
Karen: “You mean a smart phone.”
Darcy: “What’s a smart phone?”
Karen: “Never mind. Have you ever been in love?”
Darcy: “Given my current position, female entanglements are not advisable. Don’t get me wrong. I like women—very much so. And unlike some of my male colleagues, I don’t mind working with them. I guess I should say, I enjoy working with accomplished women.”
Karen: “You didn’t answer the question.”
Darcy: “Next question.”
Karen: “So what’s your idea of an accomplished woman?”
Darcy: “She should be intelligent, brave, and capable. Personally, I appreciate when she is pleasing to look at. She should develop her intellect through lifelong education and dedication to learning. And finally, she should have a strong character. In other words, she should have guts.”
Karen: “That’s a tall order. Sounds like your ideal woman is an unrealistic fantasy.”
Darcy: smirks “So I’ve been told.”
Karen: “Any regrets, Darcy?”
Darcy: “If I have them, they’re my burdens to carry.”
Karen: “Okay, okay, no more personal questions, I get it. Let’s see…Commodore 64 or Apple II computer?”
Darcy: “Apple II – it’s the way of the future.”
Karen: “Ludlum or LeCarre?”
Darcy: “I’ve used…um, read them both.”
Karen: “Beer or wine?”
Darcy: grins “Depends on who I’m with.”
Karen: “Sports car or muscle car?”
Darcy: “Anything that isn’t a Trabant.”
Karen: “Favorite author?”
Darcy: “You’re kidding me, right?”
Karen: “And a bonus question: How would you like to have five daughters?”
Darcy: “Sounds like hell on earth.”

Karen: “Well, I guess that about wraps up our interview today. Hopefully, you’ll let our readers get to know you a little better as they spend some time with you in Undeceived: Pride & Prejudice in the Spy Game.”
Darcy: “I would by no means suspend any pleasure of theirs.”


First Edition Reviews: 

“Just when you think you figured it out, you’re wrong!!” – Amazon Review

“One of the slickest Pride & Prejudice variations I have ever had the pleasure of reading.” – Just Jane 1813

“…a who-done-it page turner…” – Amazon Review

“It’s dexterous writing, with a smart premise. Undeceived is unique…” – Amazon Review

“…an incredibly unique and riveting tale.” – Austenesque Reviews

Author Bio: 

Karen M Cox is an award-winning author of five novels accented with history and romance: 1932, Find Wonder in All Things, Undeceived, I Could Write a Book, and Son of a Preacher Man, and a novella, The Journey Home, a companion piece to 1932.  She also loves writing short stories and has contributed to four Austen-inspired anthologies: “Northanger Revisited 2015” appears in Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer, “I, Darcy” in The Darcy Monologues, “An Honest Man” in Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen’s Rakes and Gentleman Rogues, and “A Nominal Mistress” in Rational Creatures.

Karen was born in Everett WA, which was the result of coming into the world as the daughter of a United States Air Force Officer. She had a nomadic childhood, with stints in North Dakota, Tennessee, and New York State before settling in her family’s home state of Kentucky at the age of eleven. She lives in a quiet little Central Kentucky town with her husband, where she works as a pediatric speech pathologist, encourages her children, and spoils her granddaughter.
Channeling Jane Austen’s Emma, Karen has let a plethora of interests lead her to begin many hobbies and projects she doesn’t quite finish, but she aspires to be a great reader and an excellent walker—like Elizabeth Bennet.

Connect with Karen:


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Readers, what did you think of the interview? It made me laugh, especially the bonus question! Aww, Darcy, Darcy! You do not like those personal questions! I wish he would have told us if he had ever been in love. Karen, did you get any sense of that one when talking with him? Thank you so much for bringing your interview to us. It was quite enjoyable and he certainly was nice to look a...uh, see! :)

Thank you again, for dropping by. It was a pleasure having you. We wish you the best with Undeceived


  1. Hmmm! Darcy didn’t exactly give much away there, except for more or less admitting that Elizabeth is his perfect match according to his list of must haves!
    I have the original of this book and loved it. Talk about twists? Read it and see!

    1. He was not too forthcoming, was he! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book, Glynis. I'm glad you were able to comment! :)

    2. Yes, he keeps things close to the vest—until he blurts them out in Hunsford-style disaster :D Thanks for commenting, Glynis!

  2. The interview was quite amusing, and it is an interesting premise for a Pride & Prejudice variation.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Kelly :)

  4. Janet - he out and out REFUSED to answer that "have you ever been in love?" question! He's hiding something though, I just know it :D Thanks for letting me stop by!

  5. I think you must be right! lol Glad to hear your thoughts on his refusal! I'm glad you visited and shared this delightful interview.

  6. Loved the interview and the 1st edition! Can’t wait to read the re-released 2nd edition. Saw that it about 100 page more!!! *squeal* Can’t wait to read what more has been added to their adventure!

    1. Hi Dung. Thanks for stopping by! Wasn't the interview fun!

    2. I think that must be formatting differences, perhaps? There were some polishing, tightening edits, and I added a glossary, but that's all. Just wanted to let you know :) Thanks so much for your comment.

  7. What a fun interview! I'll have to add this one to my list :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Brigid. Hope you get to read it soon.

    2. Enjoy, Brigid :) Thank you for your comment!